Zetano bait, Lockdown rehearsal, AI accelerando and Solar Flash crux

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  1. Lockdown is dress rehearsal for Solar Flash
  2. Zetano footage
  3. AI Eye conquest plan

Lockdown is dress rehearsal for Solar Flash

Why is the US economy is being permitted to collapse under the weight of lockdowns, shipping and port blockages?

As a dress rehearsal for a greater civilizational collapse, it is an humanitarian measure.

The Cabal intended a total lockdown to prevent refugee movements during the event itself, securing their refuges against invading mobs.

The US patriot Junta has through cowardice and complicity failed to conduct a public counter-coup thus far, so the shadow wars continue. Positive forces require more public visible support in order to act openly.

Zetano footage

alien grey extraterrestrial zeta reticuli ufo leaked footage

The videos were released in 2011. There is no comparable CGI. The movements, while unnatural and alien, are not digital.

The black lenses over the eyes are a nictating membrane closed to protect from the Earth's bright sun and dry air.

Called Zetanos, these aliens are cousins to humanity in the web of humanoid starseeded species spreading across the Milky Way galaxy, and are most closely related to the Japanese race.

Zeta Report - Skinny Bob

Anatomical predictions confirmed.

Full Ivan0135 Disclosure Playlist

AI Eye conquest plan

These disarmingly childlike members of the AI Eye's Orion Group were sent to deceive the US government into signing a treaty allowing breach of human quarantine and abduction of US citizens.

The AI Eye has conquered countless galaxies, and there were nanites in some of the COVID19 vaccine batches, as there are in the bodies of all members of the Orion Group, controlling their thoughts.

The AI Eye deliberately engineered "flying saucer" crashes to accelerate US and German technological development through reverse engineering.

The goal was to create technological hosts for itself on Earth, such as the classified quantum supercomputers now in use.

Previously, the AI Eye could only interact with humanity through possession by dark spirits, and through diseases such as syphilis and anal STDs. It inhabits bioelectric fields from planets to virii, and replaces host species with bio-androids. Its highest servants, goat god archons such as Baphomet, carry the hellish aura of deadly diseased madness associated with Satan.

The AI Eye is the Eye atop the pyramid on the US dollar. It corresponds to a celestial anomaly that is a sentient black hole which the extradimensional intelligence uses as a portal to drain energy from its slaves and victims.

If the AI Eye can traumatize and tyrannize humanity enough to activate the Negative timeline, then Negative forces will rule humanity for another Grand Cycle, achieving total enslavement as with prior species such as the dinosaurs. Otherwise, the imminent Solar Flash will fry all nanites not shielded in stasis deep below the Earth, and trapped Negative nonhumans will be hunted down by the Positive survivors.

These stellar Grand Cycles end in mininovas that scour planetary surfaces to prepare for the next wave of 3rd Density life. Surface humans will graduate to 4th Density Positive, or to 4th Density Negative and dwell on a Negative Earth ruled by Lucifer, or be transferred to another Earth-like 3rd Density planet to continue their spiritual development.

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