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Cyberthal is my hacker handle. Besides programming, Cyberthal focuses on the technical and objectively verifiable.

My non-technical persona is Leo Littlebook. It's an Anglicization of my surname, and much easier to spell.

The division between "technical" and "nontechnical" is fuzzy. Cyberthal tries to avoid offending the average American software developer. Technical but controversial content goes under Littlebook.

However, the end of 5th Age of Man, and the attempt by the Black Nobility to depopulate 90% of humans, have caused me to make some exceptions.

These objectively critical concerns have caused me to publish some very important posts at my Cyberthal blog:

The essential role of Prime Directive in understanding the alien phenomenon
Table of Contents 1. Basic background 1. Unseen World 2. Prime Directive 3. Star Elder Council vs lower lords 4. Earth’s Six Star Nations 2. How Eisenhower sold America to the Grays 1. Ant People 2. Treaty of Greada 3. Anunnaki intervention between cataclys…
Reptilians, Grays plan 90% depopulation, says (nearly genocided) Sasquatch
This theory sounds like a Joe Rogan podcast with Greta Thunberg high on shrooms. Before you downvote, though, here’s some quick math: Maybe there’s a plan to depopulate 90% of humanity. You estimate the probability is no higher than 1%. So your chance of death by the alleged plan is 90% * 1% = .9%.…
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