Worth more dead than alive: Boomers meet Machiavelli

What happens to an incompetent delusional king?  The same thing that's happening to Boomers now.  He is used by evil manipulators until inconvenient, then disposed of.

Boomers never read Machiavelli because they believe they have transcended human nature by being nice anti-racist progressives.

Boomers substantially ruled a world they had no chance of understanding.  The safest thing for their health would've been to abdicate.  But the foundation of the scam of "representative democracy" is that every voter is special.  Flattery gets you everywhere with a fool.

Boomers are too narcissistic and clueless to believe that someone would want to kill THEM.  Yet they are objectively worth more dead than alive to the USG they've worshiped.  Old people are conservative and expensive; where's the fun in that for a Satan-worshiping oligarch?

The Georgia Guidestones dictate depopulation, a "conspiracy theory" literally carved into giant public monoliths that dwarf Stonehenge.  One might as well call Mt. Rushmore a conspiracy theory.

Who derives any benefit from the continued existence of American Boomers?  Who will fight for them?  Presumably they had the forethought to raise sons on clan territory so that if government collapsed they could form tribal militias like the Taliban and build an ethnostate from scratch, right?  They wouldn't just go like atomized sheep to the Gulag like Solzhenitsyn did, right?  They're good Christians who read the BIBLE and understand that nations undergo periodic revolutions and invasions, especially after unprecedented decadence such as during Solomon's reign, right?

Wrong.  They rolled up their sleeves and took an experimental genetic modification from Israeli Pfizer, because the Satanic NWO told them to.  It's not the Mark of the Beast, right?  A Mark has to be a tattoo or chip, it can't be injectable graphene nanotech that self-assembles into conductive webs via teslaphoresis, creating an antenna hooked to one's nervous system.  Satan doesn't have access to advanced mind control technology; that would be ridiculous.  Vaccine passports limiting economic rights are purely a coincidence.  Just a coincidence that everyone on Earth had to be simultaneously bioengineered with a secret formula to stop the sniffles.  Those UFOs the Pentagon is talking about are probably nothing to worry about.  It's not a long-delayed and grudgingly-forced admission that craft beyond human comprehension traverse US airspace and waters with contemptuous impunity.  Comparing modern 21st century Westerners to stone-age cargo cultists is insulting and preposterous.  We are alone and the universe is our oyster.  As the wise prophet Francis Fukuyama wrote, History has Ended and Boomers are its Fulfillment.


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