Why Boomers are scum despite being "conservative"

Boomers believe they are better than other generations of Americans because they are relatively more conservative. The fact is true but the interpretation is wrong.

Firstly, the oldest generation is always the most conservative, because people grow more conservative as they age. Comparing generations at different ages is apples to oranges.

Secondly, instilling proper values in the youth is the responsibility of the elders, but instead Boomers have taught Communism.

Thirdly, a large proportion of younger US generations are not Americans, because  Boomers have overseen the invasion of the USA by nonwhites. For this alone they are worthy to die a traitor's slow death.

Fourthly, their lives are done. Their fruit is known. Repentance is no longer possible. They can no longer fight, and thus have proven themselves cowards. All that remains is to make of them an example that history will never forget, like the Vichy French.

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