Why average redditors whine about the ineffectiveness of subtle romantic hints

Most men aren't oblivious to hints that you're attracted to them. They're to scared off being rejected/seen as a creep
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20 hours ago

I keep seeing these Reddit threads of "when did a man not get the hint you were interested in him".
I don't think men are actually that oblivious. It's just that either:
It's happened before and they were told that the person was just being friendly
They don't want to make the other person feel uncomfortable
They dont want to get rejected and have everyone hear this story


I suspect the real problem is that most women aren't very attracted to the men oblivious to hints, so their hints to average men aren't very strong, and the bar for a passing response is high. Meanwhile the attractive men who get lots of hints ignore most of them because they're not interested in the girl hinting.

Then the average men and women complain at each other about the tragedy of using such inefficient subtle signals, generating many upvotes.

If you dislike the systemic consequences of a winner-take-all casual sexual marketplace, why do you hate feminism?

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