Who should I call for an introductory Qanon podcast?

Who should I call for an introductory Qanon podcast?

Well, that's tricky. I don't follow Q closely. There are people that do, but I think that's a trap.

To answer your question directly, the main Q interpreter I follow is Anonymous Conservative. But he's fallen prey to severe gangstalking paranoia, and sees everything as a monolithic conspiracy rather than a distributed left singularity coordinated by Moldbug's Harvard Cathedral. So he is literally crazy. But I filter that out and otherwise he's quite intelligent and follows Q closely. He just published a book on it. I find his regular news roundups useful, although his blog appears to be down at the moment.

I don't know whether he'd do a podcast. He's busy and paranoid, but he does have a book to promote.

Doubtless there are less prominent but sane Qanon interpreters, but I don't follow them closely enough to know their names offhand.

Neon Revolt is a semi-prominent Gabber who follows Q, but his interpretations are much more questionable, and I think he's gotten too deep into woo. He also wrote a book, and I suspect he'd be an entertaining interview.

One of Q's goals is to inspire crowdsourced parallel construction of military intelligence findings about cabal malfeasance. He writes in a cryptic manner to prevent unmasking via writeprint detection. There are major legal and adversarial constraints on what he can directly reveal, and I suspect he publishes outright disinfo at times.

Like Trump, Q isn't infallible. He has Boomer civnat values and some foolish, perhaps even crazy conspiracy theories.

People often get into trouble when they try to build complex theories based on Q's cryptic hints. Past the legal information firewall, there's a huge amount of classified info Q's processing that we're not privy to. And it's government-sourced, thus quite fallible.

So I think the most important thing about Q, is learning how to benefit from it, by taking it with a healthy dose of skepticism, both of oneself and of Q. There are superstar sleuth autistes who do figure out his hints, and then he endorses them when they're correct. I wouldn't try to build on unconfirmed theories he hasn't endorsed.

If you wanted to interview me about it, I could help your listeners integrate Q into their lives in a sane and efficient way. Q is an important info channel, and normies should listen to it rather than Fox News, for example. In the same way, one should follow Trump on Twitter.

I would just walk backwards through his recent "drops" and explain and contextualize them, to give an idea of where we're headed. Q does call back to prior posts, so this is a decent way to learn. It has the advantage of skipping lots of info that's ready common knowledge or obsolete.

I think the best starting place is to see how sane and mundane Q can be. Then one realizes that the burden for Q proofs is not forbiddingly high, as it would be for a theory that reptilians rule the Earth.

I think the most woo thing Q has said is that aliens exist. Thereafter the US military began releasing its UFO records. My impression is that as a result of sloppiness they've misinterpreted instrument anomalies as possible alien activity. But there may be some classified radio communications we don't know about. The way Q put it, "Think about the vastness of space," and downplayed the practical importance, I didn't get the impression he meant aliens were active and relevant on Earth.

What's much more relevant are the ongoing investigations into Democrat + Cabal malfeasance, and the coup-countercoup happening between Trump and the permanent government. Q gives unique insight into that ongoing process. https://blog.jim.com is another insightful commenter on that, as is Moldbug/Yarvin, albeit indirectly.

I guess what I'm saying is that it is much better to be a Q listener than a Q follower. The contradictions of Trump trying to rule a disintegrating multi-ethnic empire undergoing Left singularity may well doom him. Some healthy separation is advisable for self-preservation. Confederate patriotism certainly got a lot of Southern men killed for nothing, and the inadequate ruthlessness of Confederate leadership and morally-compromised nature of Southern elites was to blame for this waste. Trump exhibits strikingly similar flaws. He trusts his enemies and betrays his racial allies. He slows immivasion but embraces untenable diversity. His house is divided against itself and cannot stand. But he is a great man for buying us time.

I wish that qmap.pub was still up; that was a great Qanon resource. The NYT doxxed the owner. Aha, it's archived:

You may have to browse by copying links into the web archive rather than clicking directly, to get an archived copy.

Aha, NeonRevolt has a podcast. He's definitely a subject matter expert. Maybe if you got us both on air, I could chime in when I feel he's veering into speculative territory. https://www.neonrevolt.com

We could do that, or just discuss the Qmap.pub thematic content, or the fresh drops from https://qanon.pub.

A thematic discussion would be interesting. For example, Q's conspiracy theory about COVID19 is paranoid and a bit nuts, but understandable given how much real enemy action he's witness to. It has unfortunately permanently heightened antagonisms between China and the USA as I predicted:


Yeah, there's enough for a podcast!

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