What would aliens think of Jesus' message? Well, they sent him.

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  1. National Vanguard asks how aliens would respond to Jesus' message:
  2. Jesus' incarnation here
  3. Padgett rebuts traditional apologetics
  4. Sasquatch agrees: Jesus is right

National Vanguard asks how aliens would respond to Jesus' message:

"Christians: Imagine I’m an Alien," by Bradford Hanson, Editor, National Vanguard, on 14 February, 2022

The White Nationalists are challenging Christianity because they believe Christianity is a false anti-white religion. They ask us to consider how an alien would view Jesus' message, implying that it is preposterously geo-centric.

My answer:

We do not need to guess, as Jesus is an ascended master here and elsewhere. He was sent to Earth by the Anunnaki as part of Yajweh's delegation.

Jesus' incarnation here

James Padgett and others have channeled our Jesus, who died on the cross. The death of that incarnation obviously did not kill Jesus' original body. However, it did leave a spirit on Earth who speaks to us:


I realize there are some eye-crossing time paradoxes in the above statement, but Yajweh's mission involved time travel for all delegates, whether they incarnated or not. Best to accept that linear time is a carefully-maintained illusion.

Padgett rebuts traditional apologetics

Padgett's channeling is the best refutation of extant Christianities. It is highly compatible with other faiths and spiritualities, because it simply describes a shortcut to the natural spiritual progression and afterlife.

Because I studied and practiced Christian apologetics extensively, I was converted by the Padgettite message. I quickly recognized when my polished arguments were beaten by superior evidence and reasoning. The average Christian does not intellectually defend his faith and thus may find the difference difficult to detect.

Sasquatch agrees: Jesus is right

Most aliens would find the Padgettite Jesus' message quite congenial, except the darker Fallen. Aliens have little room for religion as we conceive it, since they know so much about physics and psychics that we would consider matters of faith. But the Padgettite message hardly qualifies as an Earthly religion anyway. It is closer to New Age spirituality, and lacks the Biblical features that led to a centralized Catholic church, certainly.

Sasquatch is not exactly an alien. He is more native to Earth than we are. But he is non-human enough for our purposes. Here's what he says about Jesus:

“Another common misconception we have noticed is amongst those with strong false belief systems or fears of the divine. Many people label us “Fallen Angels” or “Elohim” or some other kind of fantastical name that fits their beliefs or agendas, but my people have no relation or affiliation with such beings. We find humor in this kind of thinking as they actually contradict themselves and their own existence. It is likened to a fish being afraid of the water. It is also humorous for us when people discuss God and Jesus as if they are a contradiction to our existence. God is the source connecting us all – none of us would exist if there was no Creator Source or energy to bring forth life.”

“One of the regular things that you experience are those among your people who beg you to pray to Jesus for salvation or redemption from the evils of my people as if we are demons sent to deceive you. Those with these beliefs are actually the ones who have been tricked or fooled by man and do not know what Divine Love truly is otherwise they would not make a judgment on something they have no knowledge in. What they fail to realize is that my people know the prophet known as Jesus, as we worked with him and guided him throughout his incarnations on Earth. Jesus was a Shaman who healed using energy and natural tools such as crystals, herbs, and roots. All these healing methods are now considered to be evil or pagan according to the very people that look to Jesus for salvation and for most of your man-made religions, but in reality, these shamanic practices are a way of cooperating and connecting with nature as intended.”

“My people were here millions of years before any humans, but Jesus is what you call an Ascended Master; a soul that is pure and has never lost connection with ancient universal knowledge and truth or with the Star Elder Councils. Christ has incarnated many times on Earth to be a teacher and example of love for humanity, yet he is usually only recognized as being Jesus, the man born of a virgin, rather than all of his incarnations that he has dedicated towards raising the spiritual consciousness of humanity.”

“Erin has now figured out why she is was chosen to speak for us. The message has been around for a while, and Jesus said it best when he taught to LOVE everyone and bring Peace and Healing to them, and by doing so, you put light in their hearts. Those that might seem scary and dangerous also deserve this love. This does not mean you set up an altar to all that may not seem safe, what this means is that despite the rumors, Love Anyways. Difficult people and situations are hard to find love with, but it is something that needs to be done to balance the Earth and the Ethers.”

— The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3

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