Weimerican whores are so jaded, Bill Gates needed a schoolgirl fetish to get off

NAVY SEALs STORM Gates’ Wyoming Ranch | RRN

Bill liked to order naked stripper parties for his Micro$oft bros, which indicates a healthy attraction to tits and ass. I suspect BGates was corrupted by Epstein, and could've been sexually normal were it not for the USA's feminist laws preventing him from having a normal harem with children. He has only three children, which is barely above replacement.

Bill Gates' sexuality looks almost normal, from his schoolgirl fetish. He wanted to have dominant alpha sex with fertile young women, but wasn't getting that from jaded Weimerican whores who barely respected his beta bucks. Epstein swooped in, arbitraged the sexual marketplace, and achieved blackmail lockin for Mossad.

It's sad because Bill's desire was normal heterosexual fulfillment. Becoming a billionaire was biologically pointless. His capitalist genius was not eugenically amplified. Feeling the wrongness of that as he aged and lost libido likely drove him to perversion.

Bill wanted to experience peak heterosexual polarity, but unless you're a natural alpha, it's hard to get that from Weimerican women unless they're underage. That's purely cultural. I've seen feminine innocence in culturally sheltered but sexually mature Aryan women, and in East Asian women raised outside Weimerica's zone of corruption.

Vox Day has called Bill Gates little more than an actor, which is foolish. Bill is a techno-capitalist genius, and Microsoft is now deprived of his leadership for stupid feminist reasons, which will lower the quality of life of everyone affected by the performance of Microsoft.

Check out the asinine echo chamber of Microsoft hate in the VP comments, too. Buncha conspiratarded techno-communists.

As for Bill's Progressive charity work, he obviously just picks causes that quantitatively maximize humanitarian impact as the Cathedral preaches it. As "Jim" James Donald observed, he's not the cause of the evil religion, he's just working to be perceived as (and to genuinely be) a good man within it.
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