Three Requirements to maintain Distributed Synthetic Tribalization

Discyborg permits VDST for Counter-Evolution

Goal of Discyborg:
Fulfill the individual prerequisites for Aryan Counter-Evolution.

Capable of long-term VDST

VDST = Voluntary Distributed Synthetic Tribalization.

VDSTs tend to fall apart

In a world of billions, a compatible group can self-select to start a VDST. However, they will immediately begin to diverge as each accumulates idiosyncratic errors. Once an individual's divergence from the group becomes critical, several outcomes are possible:

  1. He wins, pulling the VDST in a delusional direction
  2. He exits, weakening cohesion
  3. He submits to discipline

Men of conscience and intellect, the kind interested in VDST, have great difficulty delegating their conscience to a leader. Nor does a leader attracted to VDST want to be that tyrannical pope.

3 requirements to maintain

Maintaining a VDST likely requires members possess three traits:

  1. R3-forged intellect
  2. Shared ABCS ethos
  3. Textmind augmentation

If a man's intellect hasn't been disciplined by extensive contact to failure with standardized tests, then he will overestimate his cognitive abilities. A series of errors will eventually cause him to insist on some false belief with VDST-crippling ramifications.

This tendency is compounded by absence of Textmind full-thought processing. Regular info overwhelm is resolved via irrational emotional spot welds, resulting in a flimsy worldview which provokes emotional volatility when stressed.

When such a man studies the infinite complexity of the Bible without the aid of ABCS, he is guaranteed to get major aspects of the ethos wrong, rendering him spiritually incompatible.

Though sharing a cause, these errors are unavoidably idiosyncratic in result. So it's hard to stay wrong together, much less right.

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