Maomoondagh anticipates the fall of the Cathedral, Fed and Trump

Years ago I emailed Vox incorrect guesses about the meaning of the Mad One, AKA Maomoondagh, the villain in book 3 of the Eternal Warriors trilogy, The Wrath of Angels. Corona-chan has finally revealed the character's true meaning. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The Mad One is a dual being. The first person is a dull authoritarian necromancer-type fallen angel. He possesses a female chaos lord, a creature far older and more powerful than himself, who was subjugated long ago by great warriors, and eventually placed under his thrall.

The Mad One gets his reputation for madness due to the conflict between his dual personalities, with the chaos lordette frequently ruling her nominal superior from the bottom. This parallels the nonsensical and insane contradictions of the USG.

The Mad One sits skeletal upon his vile vampiric throne. Dissidents are hurled into the throne's pitcher-plant-like maw, to be slowly and tortuously digested for spiritual essence, their screaming faces occasionally pressing against the membrane. His grey pallor takes a pinkish hue after ingesting a tasty morsel.

VD meant the Mad One to represent the UK's pre-Brexit government. However, as above, so below. The vassal UK is merely a microcosm in the USA's macrocosm. VD's metaphor applies to the real Cathedral, that which rules the NWO from Harvard.

The Mad One represents the technocratic half of the Cathedral. He wields the power of Church and State - twin black scimitars glowing with malice. The chaos lordette represents the Cathedral's core constituency - chaotic hedonists of vice and license, the coalition of woman and weakling once subjugated by masculine civilization, now rampant in the decline and fall. Hers is the limitless destructive allure of the temple prostitute, now enshrined in America's largest arenas. Together they are the insanity of Globohomo.

The mystery of the Mad One is that he cannot be killed.

A challenger arises to test this hypothesis - the Sword-wielder. The Sword of the Lord is an ancient weapon forged from the bones of a chaos lord - it evokes Excalibur. This is no accident, as the Sword-wielder represents ancient monarchy, and his return in The Wrath of Angels is the return of kings to the West.

But kingship arises out of barbarian virtue, not decadent vice. The latter can support only tyranny. So when the Sword-wielder defeats the Mad One in a duel, thrusting the Sword through his rib-cage, the Mad One screams piercingly. Then he drains the Sword of its power, snaps it in half, and kills the Wielder with a shard through the forehead.

The Wielder is Trump, with all his virtue and vice, braggadocio and craftiness. He is larger than life, overwhelming immediate opposition, but doomed in the long run by adherence to obsolete concepts of honor, just as the Wielder was doomed by his intention to duel. Trump is a kiked civnat attempting to rule an empire that must disintegrate due to conflict between Aryan founders and non-Aryan invaders. Caught between Hitler and hasbara, he or his heirs will hang.

Why can't the Cathedral be defeated? Because of what it has captured in its vampiric throne:

VD> once the debt cycle starts, it ALWAYS ends this way, sooner or later. The only reason it took this long to go terminal is because, for the first time in history, the entire global economy was turned into collateral supporting the credit inflation.

Societal economic dependence on the megastate precludes moral independence, necessitating the government idolatry embodied by the Left. Addiction to material comfort without market accountability breeds vice.

So Trump will fall, and great will be his fall. But so will the Mad One, who is defeated by a blast of chaos fire to his throne.

There have been multiple such blasts of chaos to the Fed, and there will be more. The minority mortgage meltdown was one. Corona-chan is another. The example of Japan suggests that the Fed has a few more lives left, but then again, Japan is ethnically homogenous and stabilized by a patron empire.

Chaos cannot defeat Ishtar, the chaos lordette. Economic depression sees women lining up on the street corner to prostitute themselves, or in America's case, on OnlyFans. She thrives on the delicious desperation.

What defeats Ishtar is the shiv, a dead fragment of the Sword, the humblest splinter of patriarchal authority. It is wielded by the disenfranchised, the man with nothing to lose, the heavy gangster with the cruel pimp hand. Thus does wayward woman find her lord, and prancing faggot his closet.

Before the Wielder could duel the Mad One, great swarms of pixies had to sacrifice themselves to open a path through the Mad One's armies so that the Wielder could reach him. They died in vain.

The Boomers fight a great battle against the fruit of their folly, without repenting of that folly. Do not be counted a casualty in their conflict; they couldn't care less about you. Leave them to their gruesome fate, and sharpen your knives for what comes after.

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