VD still gets Q-proof wrong


We're rapidly approaching the mother of all Q-proof tests. If Joe Biden wins, as predicted by all the polls and all the mainstream media, we'll have to conclude that Q was, at best, a morale-boosting LARP.

No, that only means Giuliani is fallible, which we already knew. He's been wrong multiple times, and as a Boomer, he is prone to underestimate the impact of demographic shift.

Q> My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days

I think VD is misinterpreting this, and that it was disinfo which Q used to make his enemies scramble, which he later acknowledged by saying "Disinfo is necessary". I'm not certain; I didn't try hard to verify.

VD> I strongly suspect that the new European lockdowns, which are being instituted despite the fact that there has not been a significant increase in the number of new cases, the hospitals are not overloaded, the number of deaths is not increasing rapidly, and the infected patients are observably less seriously ill than they were during the previous lockdowns, are related to the coming events rather than to a second wave of the coronavirus.

Is it the Great Reset or the Storm? I assumed the former. Q is anti-lockdown, after all, and we know the Left is pushing for lockdown. Why would Q have European countries lock down in preparation for arrests if he doesn't want the USA to do the same?

A search of VD's blog shows he hasn't mentioned the "Great Reset", which means he is likely ignorant of it. I conclude that the lockdowns are the Great Reset, not the Storm.

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