DC troop buildup | VD calls AC's non-credible TIPS-Stasi theory credible

VD wrongly calls AC's paranoid TIPS-Stasi theory credible because he thinks there are too many troops in DC.

This sort of foolishness is one of the reasons I broke from VD's orbit.

TIPS-Stasi isn't a credible theory.  Its existence would leak immediately.  Senate staffers leak, much less plumbers.

The reason to flood the zone with National Guard is to prevent the Cabal's remaining violent operatives from intervening successfully.  The goal is to stop an assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.  Lots of innocent targets in the mix.  Lots of potential for false flags.  Lots of anarchists and Antifa bouncing around, in every profession and guise.  The solution is to flood the zone with troops, to ensure things occur according to Trump's wishes.

We've seen how the Cabal operates.  Even when there are observers watching them commit fraud, they only need a little space to spin a scam.  Putting troops everywhere denies that option.  Can't get anything started with three guardsmen within arm's reach, cutting off every blindspot.

There is no reason to spare manpower.  It's not a usual question of force economy, but the opposite.  The only question is "How many of these pudgy guardsmen can we stack like sardines until it becomes embarrassing?"  As pics of guardsmen sleeping in hallways reveal, the answer is "A lot."

I see this strategy constantly in China.  Want security?  Got a bunch of useless people?  Dress them in uniform and throw them at the problem until it goes away.

We've seen how insanely suicidally desperate Xi's CCP has behaved in response to the COVID19 accidental release.  The US Cabal is just as desperate.  Rothschild head just got assassinated by natural causes.  This is not the time to skimp and get someone's brains splattered on CNN.  Smooth, peaceful transition will wonderfully reduce the rioting.

The message is:  "The US military is all over this.  Don't even try it."

Don't forget, DC is enemy territory.  Hostile cops, hostile generals, hostile spooks, hostile everyone.  Overwhelming firepower is recommended.  There are no rules of engagement, I've heard.  Lots of presumably-loyal security details.

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