COVID19: Unz and VD double down on conspiratardery

Unz and VD are relying on 2 anonymous sources claiming an initial detection of COVID19 in late Nov by NCMI. USG later denied the leak, perhaps in a denial-non-denial or lie. They then conclude that USG knew about COVID19 before Chinese officials.

It doesn't follow from the leaks that the report existed. I've seen no proof that Chinese officials were unaware in late Nov. And the world's #1 superpower in electronic warfare having sophisticated AI-augmented epidemiologists notice a contagion pattern in Wuhan before Chinese govt makes public acknowledgement is very far from proving that the USA caused the contagion. AI epidemiological monitoring is shockingly effective, better than human, so the result is not surprising. For example, Google can notice contagions by local spikes in queries about symptoms.

Lastly, COVID19 may not have been released in its current strong form. Apparently when virologists manipulate virii, they can get weakened and require several passes through host bodies before regaining their strength. So COVID19 could've taken a month to gain steam after being released in early November. This kind of buildup might be more noticeable via AI than human monitoring.

Since VD and Unz doubled down, I looked into what they considered the strong point of their case. And I conclude that it's more conspiratardery.

What they're really saying is that they don't believe the Chinese government dragged its feet for a month before reporting COVID19 to the WHO, which is ridiculous. I would never bet my reputation on the Chinese government reporting bad news promptly and honestly. No, they delayed in order to buy up all the PPE!

The SCMP reports that CCP data shows the first COVID19 case on Nov 17. This isn't patient zero, either. Do I believe USG AI can catch the spread pattern by late November? Absolutely. There was chatter and the Chinese didn't know what it was, probably suspected SARS - AI will notice that.

The problem is that guys such as VD and Unz are getting old, and they aren't as sharp as they used to be. More experienced, but duller. We live in the Accelerando. Everybody's going obsolete.

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