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  1. About: Contrarian Alt-Right news
  2. The Pentagon is Behind the Fake Alien Agenda, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review | I rebut
  3. The inflation economy | "Money is a store of value, not a yardstick of pleasure." | CYarvin@ | USD econ 1/2 inflation | regressive theft | my reaction
  4. I judge it likely that Scavino is Team Q and possibly an author.
  5. incoherent anti-racist babble parody
  6. Israel | natsoc state | VD@
  7. WW3 China vs USA | mass missiles profoundly change warfare | VP@DrivingDissent
  8. George P. Bush says "President Trump", no former
  9. New Official Trump statement implying that he is still the true president
  10. The problem with reinforced concrete | lifespan 50-100 years cuz rust | repair nightmare | unexpected | why else Weimerican buildings don't last
  11. FLuntz | never-Trump pollster | focus groups are a fraud
  12. PByrne | MSM | breaks silence to attack
  13. NYPD threatened, some murdered for HRClinton vid killing a child
  14. CIA pro Biden | Georgia stealection murders | PGMcinerney

About: Contrarian Alt-Right news

To avoid redundancy, I often skip stories already known and accepted by the Alt-Right. Instead I focus on what adds contrarian value to the consensus.

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The Pentagon is Behind the Fake Alien Agenda, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review | I rebut

The Pentagon is Behind the Fake Alien Agenda, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

Wrong. Elizondo is honest, warp bubble UAP/UFOs are real, the aliens are Biblical demons, and their unveiling as spacefaring messengers of light is another prerequisite for Megiddo like the refounding of the Rothschild "Israel".

However, we agree that aliens will be presented as or connected to a false messiah, the anti-Christ. Close enough.

The inflation economy | "Money is a store of value, not a yardstick of pleasure." | CYarvin@ | USD econ 1/2 inflation | regressive theft | my reaction

The inflation economy
"Money is a store of value, not a yardstick of pleasure."

Some say our nation has seen better days, but America still has three great industries: medicine, propaganda, and inflation.

Now, let’s talk about our third great industry, inflation. Actually, it’s probably the first. America, or what is left of her, is—a currency, a university, and a hospital.

The inflation economy is all patterns of labor caused by or dependent on inflation. In a healthy country, an inflation economy would not exist. It would not need to exist.

In our unhealthy country, an inflation industry does need to exist. Just turning off our inflation machine would be like just turning off the USSR—if not worse. (Actually, it turns out that it is not the jobs, not even the stuff, but the people that matter.)

Any effective drug is too strong. There is no regular process of Mellonist liquidation that could (as in 1920) deflate the financial system while preserving civic order. Special restructuring, practical only as part of a broader political transition, would be needed.

Tthe need for linguistic subterfuge becomes clear if we recode A and B in demotic political language. B, consumer appreciation, means: everything keeps getting more expensive. A, monetary dilution, means: rich people keep stealing money from everyone. (A demotic, imprecise synonym for “monetary dilution” is “counterfeiting.”)

So “inflation” means: everything keeps getting more expensive, because rich people keep stealing money from everyone. One can see how a person might want to say that more… subtly. This inflation (A) is indeed, as Friedman put it, “a monetary phenomenon.”

The MIT (Modern Inflation Theory) hypothesis is that we can see how much the rich keep stealing, by looking at how much richer they keep getting. Obviously MIT is a radical theory and might even find a warm welcome with the Industrial Workers of the World, but we literary economists have to go where the logic takes us.

Unfortunately, this purpose is essential to the normal functioning of the US economy. As we’ll see, the dollar inflation machine produces a third to half of US GDP. Any plan for just turning it off is just a silly plan.

Without any monetary dilution, any mitigation becomes a boon. The inflation machine confiscates this boon, selling it to pay for what it steals. Since you never had that boon, you hardly notice losing it. Inflation has the lightest fingers in the world. Let’s talk about some of these mitigations.

Of course, technical progress—an entirely non-monetary phenomenon—is the main organic mitigation. A natural effect of technical progress is to lower production cost. This would naturally lower consumer prices. If prices can remain constant instead, progress creates a profit. This profit can then be stolen.

Satoshi wants to use his backdoor, but not use it. Therefore, instead of using it to create 21 million bitcoins, he uses the same tools as any schmo to create 21 million… SatoshiCoins… a pure and unmitigated shitcoin, without any redeeming technical merit.

Then he announces that SatoshiCoins are pegged 1:1 to bitcoin. Anyone who wants to trade one for a bitcoin can trade it to him—and get back a real coin, fresh-coiled from Satoshi’s backdoor.

Satoshi does not have to defend this peg—except once, to prove it. Therefore, the amount of purchasing power he can create is not bounded by the number of coins he has to mint.

An issuer of infinite money can immeasurably create unlimited purchasing power. This virtual monetary dilution is why we can’t measure the money supply—in the macroeconomic sense—by the amount of money created.

Perhaps the most elegant way for Satoshi to create purchasing power is not even to issue loans, but rather loan guarantees. A loan guarantee is an invisible loan; when A guarantees B’s loan to C, B has really loaned money to A, who has loaned it to C.

In a classical bank deposit, A is the government, B is you, and C is the bank. You lend your money to the government and the government lends money to the bank, which uses it to buy a bond. So present dollars have been spent to buy future dollars (the bond); but those present dollars remain in circulation.

Since your bank account is actually a zero-term loan to the government, which can print dollars, this money substitute is perfect: it has no risk or maturity. Therefore it increases the money supply.

This is a systemic dilution engine—at least so long as it never runs in reverse, and repays all this aggregate debt. (A “central bank digital currency” cuts out this ancient nonsense—bank accounts are no longer key to the 21st-century inflation machine.)

Therefore, as the securities market keeps going up, the productive sector keeps going deeper into the red. Of course, the consumer sector keeps going deeper into the black—which keeps spending going up, increasing corporate revenues.

This engine definitely needs to not seize up or go into reverse. And indeed, Satoshi is there to make sure it does not. Is he even evil? Or is he the benefactor of the economy?

In plain English: the Fed can make the stock market go up, and the housing market, and even the crypto market, without literally creating dollars. So there is no way to measure monetary dilution, the amount of dollar purchasing power the Fed creates.

And in the global dollar economy we have today, the value of global dollar assets is about 100x the number of global dollars. This was not done by “printing dollars.” It was done by giving away free options. And such options cannot even be priced.

There are actually three kinds of options: American, European, and Third World. An American option contract can be exercised before expiration. A European option can’t be. A Third World option has no contract and can’t be exercised—unless it can.

The Fed’s informal, off-the-books guarantee of FDIC is of this last species. There are formulas for valuing American and European options. Not even God can price a Third World option, like the notorious “Greenspan put.” This subsidy can never be measured.

This is a graph of how much money the government has secretly given away to the rich. Since 1950, American personal net worth in portfolio dollars has gone up by about 100x. (Arguably, personal gross worth might be a better metric, considering the American attitude toward carrying debt—add this series, removing the GDP fudge.)

Even before Covid, keeping the American rich (obviously, if you’re not rich, you don’t have a “personal net worth”), in the style to which they are accustomed, was costing the Fed somewhere around $10 trillion a year. In 2019, for instance, PNW rose from $105 trillion to $118 trillion. The gray vertical bars are “recessions,” in which our inflation engine somehow throws a rod and peters out—or even goes into reverse. 2020, of course, was a banner year for inflation (A), and might even print $20 trillion.

Killing Satoshi

US GDP is, like, $20 trillion a year. So, even in a normal year, the inflation industry is half of the US economy. That’s why we can’t just give up counterfeiting. We have made ourselves into a nation of counterfeiters.

We may think Evil Satoshi is evil—but what’s really evil is what will happen if we just kill him off, or even shut his backdoor. All the Third World options he’s written just evaporate. They were all underwritten by the backdoor.

Now they’re worthless—and there are a lot of people whose portfolio bitcoins, made of imperfect promises plus Satoshi’s perfecting guarantees, are suddenly imperfect. This is the mother of all bank runs—and it must end with an enormous drop in the demand for debt. Most of which will be worthless anyway, because no one can pay it off.

Ron Paul famously wanted to “end the Fed.” Here is what happens if you “end the Fed.”

Picture 130 trillion portfolio dollars, or 400 trillion globally, all trying to find their way back into 6 trillion actual dollars. Picture a game of musical chairs, in which 394 of the chairs suddenly vanish. It is wrong to call this kind of hyperdeflationary event a recession or a depression—it is not even a zombie apocalypse—even the zombies would just starve—if you like to eat, kid, the Fed is your father, your mother, your country and your God. So have some respect, eh? We’re not getting out of this that easily.

Look at 2008, on the curve above, to see what happens when the inflation machine breaks. In 2008, “personal net worth” has to write massive checks. The gray bars are recessions—as measured by GDP, ie, consumer spending plus hedonic fudge. When the machine goes into reverse and steals from the rich, spending drops; businesses lose money; and the poors get laid off. We observe that the little guy gets the shaft, always.

And when the inflation machine is working, who loses? Ultimately, this is not an economic question, but an aesthetic question. The whole world, not America, is on the dollar standard; the whole world experiences monetary dilution; the world’s rich live by printing money, then spending it on goods and services made by the world’s poor.

This, in the 21st century, is “capitalism.” This is the inflation economy. It’s really not so different from the late Roman Empire. That lasted a long time, too.

And if you think the world’s economy should work some other way—you have to explain how, instead, it should work. And then you have to figure out to get it there. Hardly anyone has even started on this job, which is almost certainly impossible.

[2021-05-25 Tue 19:34]

Wow. Crypto or death. Only Ethereum is beyond the USG's reach.

This is why the wars were never for oil, but for the petrodollar.
[2021-05-25 Tue 19:34]

I judge it likely that Scavino is Team Q and possibly an author.

Like Pompeo, he signals Q proofs from Twitter.
[2021-05-25 Tue 20:13]

incoherent anti-racist babble parody

There's no such thing as race.

For example, sub-Saharans excel in foot races, but consistently lose in cognitive races such as math olympics.

Therefore it's impossible to generalize about race. Which is itself a generalization about race.

That's why we have to kill all white people.

the Jews
[2021-05-25 Tue 20:29]

Israel | natsoc state | VD@

VD> The irony is that Israel is literally a national socialist state, as Zionism is a historical revision of the global socialism of the neoclowns now resident in the United States. It's not very different than the post-Lenin conflict between Stalin's national communism and Trotsky's world revolution. But only those whose minds are firmly established in the dialectic are capable of reading that simple factual statement without spiralling immediately into cognitive dissonance, because the rhetorical antithesis between "Nazi" and "Jew" has been so firmly established that most people can't even get their heads around the historical fact that the world's first national socialist party was established in China prior to the founding of the Chinese Communist Party and had nothing whatsoever to do with the scattered remnants of a minor Middle Eastern tribe.

WW3 China vs USA | mass missiles profoundly change warfare | VP@DrivingDissent

  1. DrivingDissent May 25, 2021 10:02 AM

One word missiles, tens, hundreds of thousands of missiles.. Materially a theater level anti material, anti-ship missiles can be produced for about half the cost of an average automobile once mass production economies of scale are fully exploited.

The US and other militarily advanced nations have been loath to pursue the reality of cheap plentiful missiles as it undercuts many of thier advantages but the future is just waiting to be stumbled into.

[2021-05-25 Tue 23:48]

George P. Bush says "President Trump", no former


Corn Pop commented on News Briefs - 05/25/2021.

“George P. Bush goes groveling to Trump for his approval to run in Texas”

In his tweet:

“Great to speak with President Trump to discuss the future of Texas and how we are keeping up the fight to put America first.”

Not former President but President. Interesting.

[2021-05-26 Wed 00:43]

New Official Trump statement implying that he is still the true president

[2021-05-26 Wed 13:35]

The problem with reinforced concrete | lifespan 50-100 years cuz rust | repair nightmare | unexpected | why else Weimerican buildings don't last

The problem with reinforced concrete
Guy Keulemans June 17, 2016

Early 20th-century engineers thought reinforced concrete structures would last a very long time – perhaps 1,000 years. In reality, their life span is more like 50-100 years, and sometimes less. Building codes and policies generally require buildings to survive for several decades, but deterioration can begin in as little as 10 years.
[2021-05-26 Wed 14:09]

Why else Weimerican buildings don't last:
Fed inflation economy
white flight churn
destruction of multigenerational family integrity
Latinization of trades
Sinification of construction materials

FLuntz | never-Trump pollster | focus groups are a fraud

Frank Lunt’z employees are coming out and saying his focus group polls are a scam, with carefully selected participants who will give desired results, and a producer yelling at people to keep turning their dials, to produce the results his clients want.
[2021-05-26 Wed 14:21]

PByrne | MSM | breaks silence to attack


Hey! I heard we had a breakthrough of sorts last night. There has been a cone of silence over me for many months, for reasons those who are following along closely will understand. And it has been rather remarkable of times: consider for example that famous meeting in the oval office in which I took part, and the number of articles that came out about it that omitted mention of my name. Does that seem strange? It’s because the orders came down last fall to try to snuff out any mention of my name.

I knew the situation would eventually become untenable for them. That it would become too ridiculous, even in their own eyes, and their refusal to mention me would itself look incriminating. So eventually, the cone of silence had to break.

I hear this morning that last night Rachel Maddow was allowed to mention me on her show. Did anybody see this and could someone Find me the clip and post it here?

PS Prepare yourself for the next stage: discrediting. They will do everything to try to discredit me now, As a prophylactic.

[2021-05-26 Wed 14:21]

NYPD threatened, some murdered for HRClinton vid killing a child

PGMcinerney> Remember the NYPD was threatened and some officers killed for that Hilary Clinton video showing her killing a child on tape.

CIA pro Biden | Georgia stealection murders | PGMcinerney


Georgia Bureau of Investigation may get involved in the investigation of election fraud for the state of Georgia.

In December of 2020 Kelly Loeffler's staff member was supposedly killed in a car accident after she stated she would fight for election fraud at that given time. The car accident looked more like a car time bomb and not a car accident.

The GBI assigned an agent to investigate the actual cause of death of that staffer. A few days into that investigation the GBI agent was found dead for 'suicide'.

Patriots definitely have an influence in the GBI and if they investigate the election fraud it would lead to the arrests of Brian Kemp and other as Lin Wood has been saying for months now.

For those of you asking the GBI agent was most likely killed by the CIA.

Why am I blaming the CIA?

The answer is simple. The CIA slow walked the DNI report that was due in mid December showing foreign interference in the election.

The report was submitted in January and has rarely been talked about. The CIA found it politically favorable to have a Chinese puppet as our leader.

The CIA is the most corrupt three letter agency. Mike Pompeo has more information than you think.

[2021-05-26 Wed 14:44]

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