Trust the Plan | Biden inauguration voided by wartime treason

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Far be it from me to question the wisdom of our established leaders, anointed by dumbocracy. Presumably these IQ 100-115 Boomers know what they are doing, and are certainly not engaged in aiding and abetting the enemy during wartime. DC is a no-fly zone swarming with National Guard to, uh, protect them from marauding bands of shirtless Viking raiders.



There is no reason not to allow Biden to complete his inauguration. It completes the crime, which improves the prosecution's case, and unites public opinion. It also proves that Trump had no recourse.

There is no danger to the Republic in permitting the inauguration, because these traitors have already forfeited their offices.


A great way to bet indirectly on the outcome of this presidential contest would be via the stock of Twitter, Facebook, CNN, Dominion etc. If you think you know the future, and you have savings, profit from it. Capital wants to flow from fools to the foresighted. Tis your duty to fleece!

Normally I wouldn't recommend betting against Wall Street as a minnow, but in this case, the institutions are invested in their factional perspectives and this irrationality can be exploited.

Those who believed Qanon that "the military is the only way" have profited tremendously via Bitcoin right now, especially if they sell before Jan 20.

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