Trump declares US DC corporation bankrupt: Rumors from an unreliable source

VD links to themarshallreport's post "TRUMP ODE TO THE CORPORATION!"

I was excited when I first read this post, endorsed by Lin Wood. It does inspire exciting possibilities. Bankruptcy jiu-jitsu on the Cabal banksters would certainly be a Trump move.

However, themarshallreport is an unreliable source. For example, see this post uncritically accepting a fake Clouthub@donjr account as genuine, even as it improbably endorses Q openly with multiple graphics.

There isn't even an effective skeptical rebuttal in the comments. Either no one questions the account's validity, or the objection is deleted. This is a sign of an echo chamber.

Don Jr just announced his Telegram channel, which I followed. The announcement made no mention of a prior Clouthub account, and I can find no authenticating statements about the Clouthub account on Google either. Given the huge controversy that Don Jr endorsing Q would cause, this means the account is certainly fake.

Don Jr's Telegram content corroborates my view. Its content contrasts sharply with the fake Clouthub account. The Telegram account is what one would expect from Don Jr. The Clouthub account is what one would expect of someone striving to convince others that a fake account is genuine, so that he can promote Qanon.

Lin Wood certainly has access to some privileged info, but he had no idea Biden would be inaugurated. He is not a Q insider. I suspect he simply read themarshallreport's post and found it plausible as a patriotic lawyer looking for answers.

Themarshallreport's USA corporation theory sounds silly. On the other hand, the Pedowood mafia's Satanic contracts are even more over the top. So who knows with these Masonic freaks? They must get their taboo blackmail giggles somehow. We know the Rothschilds like to own countries via their banks, so it's not like the idea was new in 1870.

Anyone realizing yet why Biblical Law executes worshipers of false gods? Perhaps you need four more years of Satanist rule to figure it out? Taboo secret societies have high cohesion unless their members all get executed.

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