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The Web echoes with Doomer wails today, and even Vox doesn't know how to spin it. So I watched Trump's speech for myself.

The major news is that Trump mentioned the Biden administration by name… to insinuate that Biden will get 25th'd. Trump claimed the risk to himself from the 25th is zero.

It was a relaxed, confident speech about law and order and border promises made and kept. A victory lap by a calm alpha in confident control.

I wasn't able to websearch a transcript of the speech; some patriot should correct that. It's worth watching for animal reassurance and for the impressive work done on border security.

How does using the 25th against Biden open a path to a second Trump term? I don't know. However, I don't doubt Trump can remove Kamala, Pelosi and anyone else in the line of succession using military courts. A Constitutional expert can figure out the details.

What does it mean for the presidential line of succession if Biden is a dementia-addled CCP agent? Surely in that case the presidency does not devolve to his acting cabinet picks!

The military is the key, and it will not cede power to an agent of a hostile foreign government during wartime, regardless of what the feckless civilian government attempts.

LIVE: Trump Delivers Remarks During Visit to U.S.-Mexico Border Wall in Alamo, Texas

The real message of this speech is to silence the doomer liars who have denied Trump's Wall for so long. He delivered despite extreme opposition, and he will continue to do so. If you don't know exactly how that will happen, neither do his enemies. And that's the point.

Trump's Wall proves that, like Bruce Li, he flows around opposition. The Wall could've taken many forms. The Democrats invested most of their energy into opposing the physical substance of the Wall, as if it were a weight upon their r-selected souls. Therefore the Wall is mere skeletal "fence," bolstered by diplomatic achievements such Mexican army reinforcement and bureaucratic victories such as detain and deport. The Wall is ethereal, its effectiveness felt primarily in its massive statistical impact. Sparta disdained walls altogether; we settle on one that doesn't obstruct our vision or our spears.

In D&D terms, imagine that Trump rolled a tank for the USA party, but got mediocre physical stats – Strength and Constitution. No problem, he chose a hybrid tank build instead, a paladin with high charisma. Not beefy like a pure warrior tank, but highly effective nonetheless. Certainly good enough for a beleaguered first term.

The Wall standing behind Trump is mute testament that the Democrats can't stop him, because his strength is in loyal followers, not formal structures.

Bruce Lee: Be like water (Inspirational)

Trump's promises that critical border security will not be undone are assurance enough that the Biden administration will not rule. Trump directly connects border security to COVID19 defense against the biological attack from China, underlining the relationship to national security. Trump is still campaigning the election, because high popular support during the coming unprecedented presidential transition will minimize collateral damage. He is especially concerned with securing the loyalty and support of the US security services, as any man playing the Game of Thrones must.

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