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  1. incredulity at RRN QTrump arrests | cock crows thrice
  2. Fauci consistently wrong | Boomers proud of trusting experts
  3. niggers > American Amerindians | genetic distance, quantity | destroying Aryas
  4. Replace the title "Friends" with the contents, "Jews," and it is now accurate.
  5. Re Trump's McKissick endorsement over Lin Woods | can't endorse Lin yet
  6. why my Discord@Littlebook server dead?
  7. Cabal Satanic, anti-Aryan | Chris Langan
  8. Capitol Building "insurrection" | FBI knowingly falsified, persecuted | Gab@Heartiste

incredulity at RRN QTrump arrests | cock crows thrice

Vintage Explorer
Littlebook's Lair

@Koanic Excuse me, if I can’t bring myself to believe any of these articles. Especially the Pence story sounds like a corny spy novel. After the Q psyop nonsense, there’s got to be real evidence and not just anecdotes.

How many disciples kept the faith when the cock crowed thrice? You are an emotional thinker. I am a cyborg.
[2021-05-16 Sun 18:01]

Fauci consistently wrong | Boomers proud of trusting experts

scruffy commented on News Briefs - 05/15/2021.

in response to B.Chiclitz:

“I’ve never seen anybody (Fauci) be so consistently wrong about every single thing, all in his supposed area of expertise” Once upon a time a lot of attention was paid to the influence of lobbyists. They were exposed as writing … Continue reading →

Among the Silents and Boomers, maybe others; the spell power is greatly aided by a pride that’s kin to virtue signaling. Everything is left to the mechanic, doctor, clergy, politicians and media. “I’m not one of those redneck DIY guys, I listen to the experts.” And here we are. I’m at the tail end of the Boomers myself, but what baffles me is how the establishment and the man were so wrong; yet Boomers only rejected morality, not central bank schemes, gluttony, foreign intervention, taxation, regulation, and so on.

[2021-05-16 Sun 18:02]

niggers > American Amerindians | genetic distance, quantity | destroying Aryas

VD> It's strange, but in all my days, I have never, ever, heard anyone ever say that what is required is more American Indians. It's also strange how the one-drop rule is sufficient to make a man black, but not even a substantial amount of American Indian blood will prevent people from aggressively denying that a man is red.

That's because Eastern Woodland Indians and Western Europeans were a ring species even before Columbus, whereas the largest genetic distance in the human "species" is between sub-Saharans and everyone else. I suspect Bantu are still slightly interfertile with chimps, which says it all, really.

There aren't enough Amerindians left in the USA to destroy the problematic Aryan race, but there are certainly enough Bantu – just ask Portugal for a list of her civilizational achievements after miscegenating freely with imported African slaves.

The goal of leftism is upsetting apple carts to grab some apples. Favoring Injuns isn't nearly as juicily destructive as favoring niggers.
[2021-05-16 Sun 23:42]

Replace the title "Friends" with the contents, "Jews," and it is now accurate.

Replace the title "Friends" with the contents, "Jews," and it is now accurate. Reintegrate the lie as a true statement of propagandistic intent: "Jews are your Friends."

Suddenly the show that never made sense to me, becomes a logical inevitability, with multiple relatives, such as Seinfeld.

I guess the target market for "Friends" is Boomers and Xers seeking salve from the boob tube for their atomization. You may not have real friends, but you can effortlessly experience having them vicariously, and mimic idealized kike behavior with your fake temporary friends.

Millennials, I suspect, watch the show and wonder, "Why are they pretending? [that a shadow of Leave it to Beaver remains]" Zoomers, I suppose, flick past it and think, "Gay."

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[2021-05-17 Mon 08:46]

Re Trump's McKissick endorsement over Lin Woods | can't endorse Lin yet

Re Trump's McKissick endorsement:

I'm sure Trump got something for it. And Trump can't endorse Lin Woods anyway, because he doesn't want to out Pence's crimes yet, or endorse all the other wild stuff Lin has said. While it's all true, it's ahead of schedule. For example, Trump offered Pence a deal to avoid outing his sodomite lifestyle and crimes immediately. Trump couldn't offer that deal if he endorsed Pence.
[2021-05-17 Mon 10:13]

why my Discord@Littlebook server dead?

Koanic (I hope you don't mind me calling you that), I've found you at last! But why is there so little activity here?

Basically, I determined that Neanderthals were useless for counter-revolutionary purposes in toxic modernity, due to scale outpacing their individual info-processing capacity. So I became a cognitive cyborg, and focus on bringing that tech to market. Meanwhile I critique the foolishness of an Alt-Right that can't figure out what's happening with e.g. COVID19, Qanon, Trump, China, etc.

I'll refound the Altrugenics movement relying on fellow cyborgs who won't spin off into nonsense woo and fragment into squabbling irrelevant factions.

I expect my popularity to pick up again around July 4 2021 when Trump is inaugurated. The ongoing USG revelation that UFO/UAPs are real and the same entities as Biblical demons won't hurt either. The UFOs tracked by the USG with warp tech are Biblical demons – Lucifer "Prince of the Air"

Any new brand takes time to grow, and I didn't try to transfer my audience from old to new. Koanic was my pseudonym for exploring the outer edges of woo. Littlebook is the IRL last name I've chosen to break with my family's cuckservative legacy. Cyberthal is my hacker handle for gently explaining indisputable objective facts to timid nerds, and for evangelizing the Cyborganize revolution.

Certainly also chronic illness greatly reduced my output during the transition period, and I'm only recently recovered.
[2021-05-17 Mon 14:53]

Cabal Satanic, anti-Aryan | Chris Langan

Chris Langan (@RealChrisLangan)

They want to rule forever. Therefore, they want no competition, even if it means that Western Civilization must disappear because the people who built it are gone. (Being seepage from hell, they don't think they have anything to lose by thus opposing teleology.)

[2021-05-17 Mon 11:52]

Capitol Building "insurrection" | FBI knowingly falsified, persecuted | Gab@Heartiste

King Of All Nads

So all this time the FBI knew the Jan 6 "insurrection" was a genuinely mostly peaceful trespassing event that might not have even qualified as trespassing given that Capitol police let the protestors into the building.

Yet the FBI sat on this evidence because it was colluding with the Uniparty and j-media to manufacture the necessary "insurrection" pretext to divert attention from the election fraud investigations and drum Trump out of politics, while intimidating Trump supporters into silencing themselves regarding the election steal.

It's important that everyone here grasp the depth of evil that animates the deep state establishment.

[2021-05-17 Mon 14:14]

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