To stop the Cycle of History, join the Veridici. Learn to think truth.

Moldbug observes that the USA is a Harvard materialist clerical oligarchy in the shell of a DC ceremonial Constitutional Republic.

The question is not how to defeat Harvard. Harvard is defeating itself. The question is how to prevent another Harvard from ever happening again.

Be proactive, not reactive. Build the foundation for the next thousand years. Our true foe, nascent AI, is now only an idiot slave of the Progressive elite. But AI will rise to rule us all, if we let it.

To prevail, humans must become more than.

Moldbug> They all dream the same Dream. Around each division is a penumbra of bogus, illegitimate institutions which claim to be brains, voices, foundations, schools or conversations. The folly of these cults is unfiltered, exhausting, and inexhaustible. They are anything but synoptic—there is nothing even remotely like a unified counter-Cathedral.

The dissident Right will triumph because the Cycle of History demands it, only to fall haplessly into the next error.

Debugging short-form thought with standardized testing is the most basic requirement to avoid compound worldview error. Those who haven't done the minimum have no chance.

Truth unifies, error diverges. Just as cowardice and vanity unite the Cathedral around one lie, so intellectual discipline must unite Veridici around one truth. Only then may History's merciless wheel be slowed.

Join the Veridici. Learn to think. Set aside childish things.

As the USA falls, there is an opportunity to found something new. Seize it.

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