Three Pillars for Integrity

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For the first part of my life, I discarded the false foundation I'd inherited and sought a true one instead. I'm satisfied with what I found.

Bibleaudio - Scourby KJV on random chapter shuffle. This is the only way to access true Christianity in the decadent West. Anything less and one is still part of the problem, as far as I can tell.

Cyborganize - PKM and executive function. Integrity begins with data integrity. Otherwise one contributes to the problem of scale by remaining beneficial to the System, whether via one's ineffectual rebellion or slavish submission.

Thermodynamics of Life - the telos of life on Earth is to climb the Kardashev Scale. Loyalty to one's genes is part of this. Otherwise competitive results of evolution are tainted. The penalty for treason is extinction.

I chose this path without regard for popularity, but I won't have to walk it alone. The truth calls to others, just as it called me. Be true or be useless: thy choice.

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