The sun and wheel koan system

I'm more optimistic than usual about this koan iteration:

Jeh's Face
Kardashev Kingdom
MorePain [trance] VoidDance

Jeh is short for Jehovah. "No man may look on my face and live."

Jeh's Face shines down like the sun onto [trance], which bounces the light onto one of the four koans that surrounds it. It's like the hand of a clock, but it rotates counterclockwise. It starts on MorePain.

Only three koans are activated at a time. Jeh's Face is a loci above the head. [trance] is a heart loci, and is activated briefly after Jeh's Face. Thereafter it fades out as one of the wheel koans is selected to receive the energy from Jeh's Face.

The wheel koans are loci set into the chest, like a clock face. MorePain is on the left. AllTongues is towards the sternum, but can also involve the feet and walking forward. Likewise, Kardashev Kingdom is towards the throat, but can also involve a sense of Jacob's Ladder climbing to Heaven and space.

MorePain eats pain. More rhymes with Mort, death. It reminds of all the world's pain, beyond one's own, and also the limit of personal pain.

AllTongues reminds of pentecost's tongues of flame. Channeling energy from Jeh's Face downwards usually involves glossolalia in the background, but this koan makes the subvocalization more explicit. It's associated with forward movement and flow. Tongues expresses all and does all.

VoidDance is mind emptying. I think of hard vacuum, void dragon, and black hole, but mostly I think of nothing. It's resolve hardening.

Kardashev refers to climbing the Kardashev scale, mankind's material telos. Kingdom refers to "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven." Man has a dual material and spiritual purpose.

This setup solves several common problems:

At most 3 koans are active simultaneously, reducing cognitive load. The first two can be reduced to simple background effects that essentially become part of the currently-activated wheel koan.

A sufficient range of emotional states is covered to be healthy.

A journey is built in, to prevent emotional stagnation.

Passivity and activity are both encouraged alternately, to cycle mini rest and work phases.

It's not rigidly tied to breath, heartbeat and stride, but highly compatible therewith.

It's adaptable to the emotional needs of the moment.

A surplus of any emotion interferes with adaptive behavior. By loosely cycling through them, the soul is held in the desired balance.

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