The Silver Fox and the churchian fool — Mike Pence's betrayal refutes cuckservatism

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  1. Bible vs conspiracy theory
  2. Pence, cockroach in chief
  3. Evidence
    1. Pedowood
    2. Pence
    3. Future
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Like Haman, the head of the Rothschild globalist anti-Aryan bankster family has been assassinated via "natural causes" for his many crimes. That leaves only Soros loose, and his State Department funds are cut. In celebration of that and the upcoming Q day, Jan 17th, here's a little light in the darkness.


Bible vs conspiracy theory

Last night we watched election data flow real-time from Georgia to Islamabad and China. They take a blank ballot, check live voter rolls overseas, pick one to attribute the vote to, and accept it.

— Patrick Byrne (@PatrickByrne) January 6, 2021

"Coining the term "conspiracy theory," broadening the scope of what it constitutes, and then pronouncing all of it frivolous and illegitimate, has essentially invalidated discussion of how a ruling class rules." – Twitter@JeffWellsRigInt

The trial of Jesus is a conspiracy theory. Real Christians reject this phrase, pushed by the CIA to discredit unorthodox theories of the JFK assassination, which was likely committed by the CIA to prevent JFK from dismantling it and the Fed.

Certainly JFK believed in the reality of enormous conspiracy theories dominating our scaled and atomized modern world:


Pence, cockroach in chief

This is a wonderful essay, because it will free you from the delusion that Americans are a good people with a good religion living in a good country. The reverse is true, as it has been for most countries throughout history: Americans are an evil people, with an evil religion, living in an evil country. This is normal. So is the delusion.

Of course, the USA's establishment leaders are vastly more evil than Aryan American commoners. Some of Israel's kings were also vastly more evil than Israelite commoners. Why did Israel have kings? Because Israelites rejected God's governmental plan and demanded one. Why do Americans have a nominally constitutional republic? Because Americans rejected God's governmental plan and demanded one. Aryan Americans believe their Constitution is sacred. Therefore they deserve all the filth their false god shits down their foolish throats. Meanwhile Switzerland, whose governmental plan is much closer to the Bible's, prospers in peaceful security. So much for the idea that Biblical government isn't practical.

By their fruit ye shall know them. The USA has wrought evil at home and abroad since Reagan until Trump. This trend is only partly obscured by the spreading wealth generated by the fall of Soviet Communism and the opening of third world markets to the global economy. As usual the US takes the credit and the Russians take the suffering. The role of the USA in sponsoring the rise of Soviet Communism does not bear examination.

Churchian cuckservatives have just been rudely informed that their beloved Silver Fox, the scrupulously-respectable Mike Pence, is in fact a traitor in the pocket of the globalist pedophile Cabal. Pence was the man they foolishly trusted. Thus without the intervention of the Great Man Trump, backed by Military Intelligence, churchian cuckservatives would've gone right on leading the globe into Hell.

The brighter and more honest among them have even realized that if Pence is dirty, then all the other Republicans in Congress are dirty too, except those openly standing by Trump now. Which means the problem is systemic, and they were too blind to see it for their entire lives.

How can such a secret be kept? Only by organizations specialized in keeping secrets: elite secret societies, state intelligence agencies, blackmail rings, ethnic networks, religious hierarchies, cartels, etc. (Also it helps when the people of God explicitly trust the Synagogue of Satan for their news and high culture, despite being warned by the Bible not to.)

How can such deep corruption take root? By necessary cause and effect.

The Prohibition Effect is what happens when something legitimate is banned, thereby creating a black market controlled by powerful secret societies providing that good. The Mafia supplied government to Sicilians. The Mob supplied alcohol to Chicago.

What's under Prohibition in the USA now but allowed in the Bible? Slavery, drugs, polygamy, ephebophilia, and cohesive local ethno-community, to name a few.

Who can ignore these laws? The elites.

Therefore the globalist US elite enslave the US citizenry to atomized tax serfdom, secretly ruling over them via blackmail rings offering slaves, drugs and perversion. Not to mention free-flowing grey and black money.

Naturally these activities synergize with Satanism and further taboo transgressions such as ritual murder. The near-total atomization of US society requires alternate means of cohesion, namely blackmail. State intelligence agencies and elite secret societies possess the wherewithal to manage these blackmail rings. The Ashkenazim have both, but they're dwarfed by the Anglophile NWO globalists. The Catholics have been at it forever; the CCP are the new Russians. Even the Mormons get in on the game. Anyone who's organized can play. That excludes Aryan Protestant churchian cuckservatives, who long ago lay down the sword to pick up the platitude pipe instead. Without the capacity to punish defection, there can be no cohesion. Cowardice's cost is servitude.

US Mommunists, thinking themselves holier than God, banned things God did not, and came to be ruled by demons specialized in supplying those things. Poetic justice!

That pre-Trump USA was ruled by a demonic Cabal is not an historical aberration, but the just reflection of the souls of the American people. They wished to be as gods, and thought they knew good from evil. Then, like Satan, let them reign in Hell. Enjoying your stay?

What better punishment for all those fake Christians who fainted at Trump's "grab them by the pussy" comment, which was little more than a paraphrase of Solomon's overwhelming appeal to the daughters of Jerusalem? Those Israelite women were worlds better than the feral American sluts of Pedowood pornocracy, yet Solomon could not find one upright among them all. Pence served his father Satan well, the original feminist.

The other reason Pence betrayed Trump is simple: 3/4s of Congress cheats, and a 10-day audit would've revealed that.



Here's a random selection of evidence supporting the above.


Pedowood is structured similarly to DC. It's smaller and easier to understand, so why not start there?

Obviously the Ashkenazim dominate. Beyond that, it's a Satanic mafia.


The bottom level are the goyim. You are goyim. Goyim means "cattle". In the Bible, nations are referred to by animal mascots. So the Gentiles are collectively referred to as "goyim", versus the "sheep" of Israel.

(This is a hint, by the way, that the trees and animals in the Genesis garden of Eden were nations, just as they are in the Ezekiel garden of Eden. Another reason a literal reading of Genesis is literally illiterate.)

Goyim who show promising deviance and obedience are promoted to greater knowledge and complicity.

Pedowood portrays horror well because the horror of pedophilia shines through the souls of the abused actors, as demonic predation does through the souls of the diseased directors.


Heather O'Rourke, the little lass star of Poltergeist, really was devoured by demons. Real Biblical men would find this sufficient pretext to genocide California, much less Hollywood. They are in short supply.

I think the 1987 film "The Lost Boys" best expresses this dynamic. The pre-cellphone 80s were peak Hollywood pedophilia, and vampirism is a metaphor for sodomite pederasty, which converts to degeneracy by preying on the young.

The Lost Boys Movie Trailer

Pedowood connects to the greater globalist Cabal intimately, specializing in sex and propaganda services.


Why Pence's dodge was Constitutionally unsound:

WATCH This BEFORE January 6th | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 100

Pence is a DS traitor and Trump only 'picked' him due to GOP demanding it on ticket. Kind of like Reagan was forced to take Bush Sr.

Posted by Ami Tiel | Aug 19, 2017

Surprised Republican top leadership would be so stupid as to let their emails leak? Politicians are stupid. It's a job requirement. IQ 100-115. Any smarter and they can't personably appeal to both halves of the bell curve.

Voters dislike when you talk over their heads, particularly Americans, who hold sacred the lies of equality and individual voter empowerment. See de Tocqueville.

Of course, these politicians are still incredibly snobbish. They're part of the global elite club, and you're just a statistic. The less a distinction is deserved and intrinsic, the more jealously it's guarded.

Pedophilia is a major source of elite cohesion now. See how bad things really are:


Accurate prediction proves the prophet. The election theft was predicted in July:



The only place to follow and understand current and upcoming events right now is:


Gab is still sometimes DDoS'd by new signups from Parler refugees, and smeared with a violent extremist reputation that all Trump supporters now share, much to our amusement.

Both sources are way too much for Boomers though, so Rudy Giuliani offers a sedate broadcast-TV version:


YouTube started censoring both him and Trump.

If you want hope, everything is under control. The drama has just been to make Boomers finally pay attention, so that the elite crime families can be exposed.


(Yes, that is Michael Obama, the muscular tranny gay-married to CIA catamite crackhead Barry Soetoro. Sodomites can do crime families too. Giving people fake backgrounds is the CIA's job. It is similar to the historical phenomenon of rule by court eunuch.)


The opinion you consider too controversial for polite company, that the USA was on the wrong side of WWII in Europe, is one shared by General Patton, one for which he may have been assassinated. You find yourself in agreement with the genocidal war criminal Eisenhower, who oversaw the postwar deliberate holocaust of Germany, a holocaust with actual documentation, including of its Ashkenazi instigators. FDR was the ally of Stalin, whose sole redeeming virtue was that he was sufficiently ruthless and self-interested to destroy the Ashkenazi-Communist madmen who were trying to do a Pol Pot. Your present subjugation to the almighty Federal Reserve is due to the holes FDR punched in the tattered Constitution. Truly a great man, for he did no small evil.


As Peter learned the hard way, be careful which worldly cause you espouse, lest you find Satan speaking through your mouth.

The USA should not have fought in WW1 or WW2 against European powers to the extent that it did, if at all.

That is why a country should not have alliances and promises of mutual defense. They interfere with obedience to God's judgment on the nations. Our first allegiance and alliance is to Him. When He commands, Christendom fights. When He forbids, Christendom retires. Under this law, the USA would never have humiliated Germany after WW1 and given Asia to Communism after WW2.

Dispossessed by immivasion, Aryan Americans are justly punished for our father's crimes.

Patton despised the Ashkenazim and admired the Germans, because he saw both up close. The Anglosphere hated Germany because she was the land army threat to Anglo thalassocracy. Before Germany, England hated France for the same reason. This is the hatred of brother against brother, which the Bible condemns and Satan promotes. In fact, Germans are significantly more honest, lawful and altruistic than Anglos, making them our moral superiors. This is true even after the moral and genetic degradation of East Germany.

If we had let the Nazis burn the Ashkenazi books promoting transgenderism then, we would not have drag queens fondling children in our public libraries now. It's called the Synagogue of Satan for a reason. The Ashkenazim are defined by 2,000 years of genetic and memetic selection for parasitic anti-Christ. If they tell you the sky is blue and the USA is a democracy, check it, because the USA is an oligarchic ex-republic.

Those who lack enough direct contact with anti-Christian Ashkenazim to understand the shocking extent to which they have diverged from Christian European norms should count their blessings, because many Christians have discovered that truth at the bottom of a mass grave, as Solzhenitsyn attests.

You may think you're just being nice. But your nice, socially approved lies, your polite silence in the face of evil, inflict horrors on the poor Aryans who are your true kin, and for whose suffering you will be judged.


Trump's victory at inauguration will only buy time. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

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