The Secret Second Coming: What If the Church Got It Wrong

I've seen various "latter-day" channelings of "Jesus", and never been impressed. My zeal for orthodoxy, to paraphrase Paul, exceeds the Pharisees. I have been a stickler for the text, while flexible in its interpretation. KJV by Scourby on random shuffle is my favorite jam.

That is still true, to some extent. I think some interesting and powerful entities had a hand in shaping the world's best-selling Book. However, my breakup with orthodoxy is official thanks to this book:

The Secret Second Coming: What If the Church Got It Wrong
by Patricia Doyle

Yeah, you know it's serious when an alleged misogynist fundamentalist replaces the New Testament with a book written by a woman. I will go further and, as an Aryan nationalist, recommend this book as another legitimate End-Times prophet:

50 Laws of Life
by Fred M. Mosely

Who just happens to be a black ex-con married to a white woman. So now I've offended everybody.

I have the dubious distinction of being the only individual who has been a federal and state prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and civil plaintiff attorney, civil plaintiff and defendant, judge, federal and state inmate, and federal and state parolee.

You have to admit that's impressive. I haven't finished his book yet, but the laws look good.

Back to Patricia. She is apostle for James Padgett, who channeled Jesus Christ and other Biblical figures. Her work stands on its own, and is persuasive to openminded, intelligent, Spirit-filled orthodox Christians.

The basic requirements of Christianity are preserved intact, albeit barely: Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the sinless man, the only one of us not born in sin. He came in the flesh and died on the cross. He is the first human to achieve union with the Father through Divine Love.

Pretty much everything else in the Bible gets demolished.

However, to truly appreciate the significance of Padgett's work, one must also be familiar with the consensus gold standard for channeled communication, Ra's Law of One:

I will not attempt to summarize, except to say that it reveals the Heavens and Hells previously occluded from Christian sight, except by vague references. LoO was also channeled by a devout Christian woman.

Padgett channels a Christianity compatible with the Law of One, but which posits a "higher level" called Celestial, which grants Divine Love and eternal life without possibility of another Fall. It is apparently very difficult to persuade high-Density spirits to walk the Celestial path until they grow dissatisfied at its summit, so salvific recruitment focuses heavily on 3rdD. So that was Jesus' mission and significance.

Crazy, right? Maybe Celestial is the level past this iteration of Creation, the Density above 7th or whatever. Before then, entities are provisionally created. Persistently wicked spirits are subject to "reconfiguration" in the Central Sun or Source. Which sounds… intense.

The "Second Death" is when the opportunity for Divine Love is revoked to those living on Earth. Then only the Natural Love described in the LoO is available. So I guess it's an opportunity meant for those who fight through a thick fog of Law of Confusion.

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