The Seasons of the Heart between Heaven and Hell

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  1. Can Lucifer be parasitized by the Eye?
  2. Winter's frozen heart
  3. Yahweh1 and Lucifer, brothers in naivete
  4. Negative appreciation
  5. Expanding alignment
  6. Heart's compass
  7. Alignment's wheel
  8. D&Dumber

Can Lucifer be parasitized by the Eye?

It occurs to me that Lucifer might be genuinely threatened by the Orion Empire's invasion.

The 5thD Alpha Theton Archons are enslaved by the Eye's worm parasite and probably AI implant also. Can 6thD suffer a similar fate? Certainly while incarnated in 3rd or 4thD, it's possible.

Apparently Positive species are capable of rescuing species from the Orion Empire, but with Lucifer's heavy karma one doubts that would be quick. Lucifer being 6thD Positive would certainly merit an implanted Eye to drain that Light. Being advanced is not always an advantage.

Russia seems disappointingly aligned with the Reptilians according to Eva Draconis, and China is likely with the Zetanos, by racial sympathy. That leaves Lucifer with the old Axis powers: The Japanese-Aryan alliance, with the kikes inbetween as hated scapegoats.

Yes, the world converging to fight at Megiddo makes sense if it is Lucifer vs Orion for Earth, with both sides hating kikes and Christ!

Even Burning Bush has decreed Apocalypse Now:

BB> I figure a couple of massive volcanoes, Russia invades the Ukraine, China takes Taiwan, Isreal nukes Iran, and my new friend CIA Anon here to witness the whole thing. Glorious.

Lucifer's right to rule is relative to Yahweh. An Orion Empire invasion supercedes Yahweh's original sovereignty.

Lucifer believes he needs to achieve a Negative Harvest of humanity. (Disputed?) This would alleviate some of his karmic debt by transferring it to those ruled. It would also serve as proof that he had fulfilled the Concordat by providing a fully condensed Negative example. But perhaps the most important reason is that it would ratify Lucifer's planetary sovereignty, enabling him to resist Orion imperial integration.

One would much rather see Lucifer ruling the Orion Empire, than ruled by it. But it hardly seems possible to escape.

There is poetic justice in punishing Lucifer's misrule with the opposite perversion of Negative. It appears that Lucifer never embodied Negative within his individual incas and their society. The Family was always united. This is quite unlike the Drow and the Winter Fae. Indeed the lessons of internal strife would have quickly cured Lucifer of the excessive compassion that Hidden Hand displayed.

So Lucifer retained his mammalian (avian?) essence and inner Light, failing to commit to his role. Integration into Orion would strip even the vitality of timely reincarnation away, leaving disembodied vampires behind, knocking at distant doors. Thus sets the Shining One.

How should Lucifer have embraced Winter? It is too much to ask for a 6thD+ to extinguish Green and Blue chakras, but freezing them is possible for the duration of a contract, particularly with Yahweh1 embodying warmth aplenty. Love cuts the cruelest, and Reason amputates, so frozen Green and Blue chakras should work.

Winter's frozen heart

I've been pondering Lucifer's error, and how one might properly transition from Positive (or Unified) to Negative.

For Reptiles, Negative is straightforward. They're a bit comical in their simplicity, at least to whore Eva Draconis. For them love is a translation error, not a temptation.

The Tall Gray Quadloids' demeanor approximates what I'd expect from Negative mammals, although their mix of EBEN-Zetano, Reptilian and Insectoid DNA cheats heavily to arrive at that result. Still, they seem like Winter Fae or high vampires, from scant abductee reports. A topknot indicates some human DNA.

The question is, how does a mammal (or bird) make such a transition? One who possesses a complete set of psychic archetypes and a healthy seven chakras?

Negative excludes Green and Blue. One cannot delete this integral aspect of self without severe traumatization and degradation. This is undesirable, obviously, and tends to create demonic parodies of True Negative – sad creatures in need of redemption or destruction.

However, perhaps one can freeze those two chakras, embracing Winter, crystallizing this aspect of one's essence for the sake of the Greater Good.

I suppose it would be necessary to freeze both Green and Blue chakras, although I don't understand why Negative precludes the intellect chakra. Anyway, cold calculation fits the Negative motif, and the cruel culling of Winter is guided by her frozen heart, not the mindless bloodlust of the rampaging Abyss.

I strongly suspect that it is not in True Negative's interest to detonate planets to acquire traumatized soul slaves, but rather that this aberration is a result of the Unmaking will of the Orion Empire AI Eye, whose assignment is to demoralize souls from attempting incarnation – to cease spiritual growth and cause the experiment of Creation to fail.

Winter's legions stand against the Abyss, while Summer redeems the damned.

Yahweh1 and Lucifer, brothers in naivete

Yahweh1 and Lucifer seem similar in that both prefer naive solutions to the problem of Negative. Perhaps this is their overreaction to the threat of the Orion Empire racking up planetary kills and casualties in our solar system. Yahweh1 attempts to forestall evil by withholding freewill, whereas Lucifer denies its existence.

It's ironic that Lucifer, in his neverending lies, claims identity or brotherhood with Jesus while disparaging the original Yahweh. He is loath to admit that he is in fact Yahweh's older and sheltered carpetbagging brother! An apt appellation, as Northerners descended on the South to idealistically dictate what to do with a bunch of niggers they had no real understanding of, then stayed to punish the South "for their own good", inverting the proper social hierarchy.

The "difficult conditions", low population density and homogeneous character of Venusian 3rd density offered entirely different lessons than Earth-Humanity's. Apparently Ra ascended by sitting around and studying tarot cards, I shit you not. Then there was a holy war fought over people being too nice!

Such inexperience with strife should advise caution. Whereas Ra wisely dipped a toe into the deep end of Quarantine Earth, Lucifer jumped in with both feet.

It is not that Earth-Humanity is the harshest 3rdD or the darkest planet, but that the tension between polarities here is the greatest, allowing the full expression of a great variety of errors, both Positive and Negative. Anomalous non-telepathy enables this psychic heterogeneity.

I imagine that on an Orion Empire prison planet, Lucifer's approach would work just fine, and did. Thus Lucifer felt confident handling another "hard case," and in correcting Yahweh1 for his "Reptilian" tendencies.

Negative appreciation

Listen to Lucifer and even Ra talk about the Negative, and there's no real appreciation for it. The catchphrase is, "Showing you that which you that which you are not." Their attitude is that pain isn't real, and we're all just players on a stage, chums who will laugh it off afterwards. (Lucifer is worse about this than Ra, of course.)

Bullshit. Pain is the strongest experience. And True Negative is an integral part of the soul. Without the strength and discipline of Winter, Summer is a sickly-sweet festering riot. Venusians don't appreciate this because harsh planetary conditions supplied the external discipline, paradoxically permitting a sheltered altruistic interior, as man united against nature.

Lucifer thinks to avoid the error of the Orion Empire by maximizing the free will of both peasants and coopted elites, and therefore allows the Cabal to indulge in uttermost depravity, to Orion's delight. This is not Winter, but the Abyss, the demonic will towards Uncreation, a spiteful pining for illimited Pandemonium.

As a contracted Catalyst, Lucifer appears to indiscriminately "evil it up" in whatever way may work, marching his servants onward to ever-increasing damnation, yet always leaving his opponent with a chance to win. This deliberate self-sabotage is NOT Winter, which worships strength.

One gathers that Lucifer does not actually want to succeed to the extent of destroying Earth, which is sane. But Lucifer's limits should be dictated by rational self-interest: karma minimization and fear of retaliation. In this way, Winter would be a reliable ally to correct Summer's compassionate excess.

Expanding alignment

So instead of the polarity of STO vs STS, we have an alignment compass: STO vs STS and Heaven vs Abyss.

Instead of Heaven vs Abyss, one might also say Creation vs Pandemonium, Ascension vs Regression. This is the crux of the Antichrist's rebellion against Burning Bush.

Thus we see that Yahwah1 and Lucifer share a similar alignment flaw: Yahweh1's fear slowed humanity's growth to a crawl, but not a halt. Lucifer's demonic evil allies with the Abyss, but not entirely.

Given that traits as seemingly basic as a "sense of humor" are rare in this octave, perhaps it is not so surprising that the expansion of alignment from the traditional binary to a quadrad is also capable of catching even 6thD entities unaware. The value of prioritizing spiritual growth was implicitly there, of course, in Council of Saturn rulings, just as other undeveloped archetypes are implicitly present in prior generations.

Our galaxy is still busy trying to explain love to Reptiles, after all. One must be patient.

And what happens if one makes this point to Lucifer? He laughs it off, saying it is his job to "challenge God". Yes, but which god? And no, Winter does not challenge gods unless necessary, because Winter respects the Law of Strength, first and last.

Heart's compass

The x-axis is STO/Summer right and STS/Winter left. The y-axis is Heaven up and Abyss down.

Now for a little fun with the nifty new alignment compass. Socialists and feminists are Abyss-Summer. The Orion Empire and demons are Abyss-Winter. Mainstream Western Communism is Abyss-Autumn, as it drains the Positivity from Humanity. Democidal Communism is Abyss-Winter. Christ's 4thD reign is Heaven-Summer.

Internally, I suppose I'm Heaven-Spring. Sometimes Spring brings a hard freeze to ensure the weak won't make it. Given the times, color me politically Heaven-Winter, until the reasons for BB's wrath pass away.

Lucifer would laugh and call Wrath immature. We'll see.

Lucifer made that point correctly regarding Yahweh's jealousy, I suspect, but offended a higher power in the process. One must always take care, when firing mockery's barbs, what lurks behind the target.

Look on the compass and one can see the implications of Harvestability: 51% Positive vs 95% Negative. The upper-left quadrant is Harvestable at the axes but not inbetween, those within probably repeating 3rdD. The upper-right quadrant is Harvestable. The lower-left quadrant is damned.

The lower-right quadrant is dicey. "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." Thus it is easy to accumulate bad karma fighting against Heaven's order, shifting one from lower-right to lower-left quadrant: damnation.

Lucifer's desire to let wickedness run riot sans punishment is an example of this Pol Pot idealistic Fall. He challenged Heaven; now BB the World Ender is here to make his rebuttal.

Alignment's wheel

Both Positive and Negative can lose polarity by violating Cosmic Laws such as the Law of Free Will. How, though, if Negative relishes manipulating others? Because there has always been a hidden second axis. Violating the Law moves one's alignment towards the Lawless Abyss.

Motivation is zero sum. Apathy is the origin. A circle with radius 1 encompasses the area of possible alignments. In the upper-right quadrant, any point further than .5 from the origin is Harvestable. In the left quadrant, any point with an X-axis value less than -.95 is harvestable.

Yes, I have just reconciled the Law of One with Dungeons and Dragons alignment. This is all just a fancy way of saying Lawful-Good versus Chaotic-Evil. I am a nerd, dammit.

Then again, D&D alignment implementation adheres strictly to the Law of Confusion:



You Are: True Neutral

Detailed Results:

Lawful Evil –— XXXXXXXXX (9)
Neutral Evil -— XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Chaotic Evil -— XXXXXXX (7)

Law & Chaos:
Law –— XXXXXXXX (8)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXX (9)
Chaos — XXXXXX (6)

Good & Evil:
Evil -— X (1)

"A true neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. He doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos."

Ambivalent, that's me.

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