The Right is still conspiratarded on COVID19, one year later

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  1. Still not a CCP shill on COVID19
  2. Farcesensitive's folly
  3. CCP propaganda is not subtle
  4. As above, so below
    1. AC stops recommending masks
    2. VD still conspiratarded on COVID19, a year later

Still not a CCP shill on COVID19

Various fools among AC's commentariat continue to accuse me of shilling for the CCP on COVID19, because I advocate neck gaiters to counter the Great Reset.

It's a stupid accusation. I have maintained for a year that COVID19 obviously escaped from the Wuhan lab, a theory the CCP denies above all else. Initially the bought MSM and rightist conspiratards denied this theory, but gradually the world consensus has come to agree with me.

Farcesensitive's folly

Farcesensitive, who is some sort of leader at the Liberty Author Forum, writes at AC's:

Anything to convince us that the virus is a deadly plague and not just a very bad flu.

No, fool. I was arguing for the low CFR and low quality-years-of-life impact back when COVID doomerism was prevalent. I calculated it off the Japanese cruise ship.

My calming blog posts from a year ago:

The CCP doesn’t mind if a few of its flunkies admit it was released by their lab as long as they control the MSM and can continue to tell everyone that it didn’t.

Farcesensitive's lying is tireless. I don't know of anyone else living in China who publicly says COVID19 came from the lab. I do know of two expat YouTubers who used to live in Shenzhen until they were driven out by Chinese state security for, among other sins, COVID19 heresy: Serpentza and Cmilk.

Farcesensitive has my heresy confused with orthodox shills like this guy. It's absurd.

By the way, that guy is still shilling hard a year later. This is the hamfisted hallmark of CCP propaganda: nonstop, full-throated, shameless cheerleading.

You preach exactly what they want us to do: “be afraid, be very afraid and wear your muzzle that will kill you slowly and keep the normies so scared they will keep all western economies shut down until China can dominate the world and avoid collapse”.

Still too stupid to grasp that refusal to wear a mask increases contagion, thereby increasing latitude for evil Great Reset measures such as vaccines. Just another conservatard swine, rending whoever dares casts pearls.

CCP propaganda is not subtle

Since you ignoramuses are deluded about China, I'll explain the CCP's ham-fisted approach to COVID19 international propaganda: Nothing is ever the CCP's fault. It's always Western oppression or something.

You might think, "The Chinese are smart. Surely they're more sophisticated than that." What this tells me: You've never watched Chinese state TV.

The CCP's goal is for Western countries to remain on lockdown to let China catch up from her late modernization. The CCP wants Westerners to reject wearing masks so that state propaganda can mock Aryans as stupid dirty monkeys, thereby deflecting blame for COVID19 damage from the Wuhan lab.

You think I'm kidding? Mainlanders are terrified of foreigners bringing COVID19 into China. A popular meme video shows an Arab-Caucasian man in a suit being TV interviewed and talking while fumbling with a mask, finally putting it on vertically rather than horizontally. That's what they think of you.

China returned to work quickly relative to other countries, but mask use, travel restrictions and contact tracing are still pervasive. China obviously does not think masks are a competitive disadvantage. Police enforce public mask use with brutal instant arrests, and enforcement and propaganda is everywhere. There is no such thing as a mask objector movement in China; it is instantly crushed whenever an individual resists.

I am the only one wearing a neck gaiter, because my nasal bridge is large enough to keep it from falling off.

As above, so below

So the commenters are fools. What's new? Surely the hosts themselves are above all that, right?


AC stops recommending masks

AC writes:

once wearing masks was obviously unnecessary, [Fauci] is demanding people wear two or three at the same time.

Masks obviously still are necessary, since enough COVID19 is still circulating to permit the government to successfully poison lots of Aryans with the evil vaccine.

If you're going to give advice based on an ideal world completely unlike our own, in which Communists aren't trying to destroy Western Civilization using COVID19 as a pretext, then you should clearly flag it as such.

How am I the only one seeing the circle of stupid: rightist hygienic non-compliance, increased contagion, visible illness refuting rightist kookery, increased support for Communist crackdown, populist revolt against crackdown, rightist hygienic non-compliance…

Left, right, left, the Aryan race marches off the cliff into oblivion, one foot guided by stupidity, the other by evil. This is how continents are lost.

VD still conspiratarded on COVID19, a year later

10 months ago, VD thought COVID19 was a US attack on China. VD's latest COVID19 denial, "Imaginary and fictitious", sees him destroyed in the comments, with Dread Ilk speculating he posted this garbage just to get work done.

No such luck. VD has already said his blog reflects his true opinions.

My initial answer to the post:

The only thing imaginary and fictitious here is the supposed PhD source. Vox pushes more obvious fake news. Was the purple theme and the talk about "lighted beings" and "vibrational energy" on the home page not hint enough the site is woo-heavy?

The OP itself lacks provenance, as the commenters there do a surprisingly good job of investigating.

The publication date of December 6 2020 is decisive. Were this incredible leak real, and the whole world duped by a nonexistent virus, we would have additional corroboration and followup stories by now. Instead this fake news has died, until VD necroed it, that is.

This story directly contradicts the testimony of the brave Chinese whistleblowers who exposed the novel and chimerical nature of the virus that points to its lab bioengineered origin.

When there are two sides locked in a life and death struggle, and one is an inherently weak party that can only resist the asymmetrically stronger opponent by rigorously sticking to the truth, while the other is provably strong enough to lie and make it stick, then it makes no sense to suppose that the actual truth is in possession of some obscure and distant third party, and that even the dissidents are lying. Look at the Gospel pattern: The Jews conspired to lie; the Disciples testified and died.

Long before COVID19 was a US issue, China was the COVID19 denier and her regional rivals were learning the truth the hard way. Not everything is about the US conservatard peasant rebellion against disposable surgical masks.

The real hoax was using PCR test kits with high false positives until Trump left office, and everybody knows it, just like everybody knows the Cabal "fortified" the election.

VD> I am no virologist, but as a competent logician, my inclination is to hypothesize that the C19 virus is a genetically modified version of the flu. This explanation would account for a) the unusual symptoms, b) the anomalies related to the viral samples, and c) the massive decline in conventional flu cases.

Influenza and corona virii are not even in the same phylum. If this is what syllogism hath wrought, then Bayes is clearly better. Both VD and AC have proven their incompetence with the latter. If only we could combine the willingness to update priors of the Rationalists with the character required to comprehend human nature present in the Alt Right.

It only gets worse for VD from there.

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