The real state of the Yankee Union

The USA has a reputation for freedom because those on the early frontiers lived free, whether as Indians or pioneers.  No open lands have existed in Europe for ages.  The impact of lebensraum is immense.  De-facto freedom is strongly correlated with population density.

However, at the beginning Plantation America was founded in bondage more savage than anything European.  Whites were trafficked in vastly greater numbers than Africans.  They were surplus population worked to death by the inefficient and inhumane economic system of the Plantations.  Unlike valuable African slaves, whites were cheap and troublesome and couldn't be permanently owned.  Therefore the same thing happened to them that happens to an apartment without a security deposit:  They were trashed with impunity in all but the most egregious cases.  It was trivial to invent infractions to extend the sentence of servitude.

The word "slave" comes from Slavic sex slaves trafficked to the Middle East.  The word "white trash" has a similar origin in the American context.  Back then, servant and slave meant the same thing: property.

That is why white American slaves were desperate enough to flee into the alien wilderness to face the fell Indians, whose hunter-gatherer physiques and special-forces level skirmishing skill made them seem like demigods to the malnourished slaves.  The Plantation owners paid and armed the Indians to catch and return their slaves.  Runaway slaves near ports often chose a short, nasty life of Caribbean piracy, still preferable to the alternative.

George Washington betrayed his conscript troops to the oligarchy, allowing them to be returned to slavery that was a death sentence by hard labor, without so much as a marked grave.  The USA has always been about grinding people into sausage for the elite.  Its greatest documents enshrine these betrayals.  Whereas the Old Testament law protects the people from the predatory elite, the Magna Carta abandoned them to it.  The Constitution took no notice of white slaves.

As the realities of low population density asserted themselves and European immigrants adapted to the new world, America gradually became a place of great freedom.  It's crucial to understand that this is an unnatural state of affairs that would last no longer than the time it took to populate an empty landmass.

The several states lost their independence after the Civil War.  Modern transportation and globalization made Americans atomized transients.  Rampant divorce and matriachal laws destroyed even the nuclear family.  Churches are legally toothless and subverted by Mommunists more often than they expel wolves.  The only cohesive communities left are Amish and Mennonites, who survive through irrelevance.

Harvard won the Civil War and eradicated the other established state churches.  Today the organized religion of Mommunism, or effeminate Communism, is led by and preached through the mainstream media.  Mommunism is too effeminate to have a definite economic policy beyond Keynesian MMT niceness, but embraces all degeneracy and miscegenation.  It has roots in the Unitarians who were holier than God.

The Mommunist impulse is a regular feature of the cycle of history, which alternates between feminine decadence and masculine conquest.  See social cycle theories such as Glubb and Strauss-Howe.  Before feminism, there was Ashtoreth.


The "iron law of oligarchy" states that all forms of organization, regardless of how democratic they may be at the start, will eventually and inevitably develop oligarchic tendencies, thus making true democracy practically and theoretically impossible, especially in large groups and complex organizations.


At 328 million, the USA is too large to be governed by a federal system designed for a country of 2.5 million.

Slavery was abolished due to military inefficiency when the South lost the Civil War.  Southern black slavery had been a means by which the white elite oppressed white trash by lowering his wages through competition with unpaid labor.  White trash are dangerous to have around due to their propensity to rebel.  The white man is the most dangerous soldier since the invention of firearms made IQ a military prerequisite.

All US citizens are now equally individual tax serfs and property of the state.  Parents are (usually) permitted to hold their children as wards until they are of age to be productive tax serfs.  Beyond that, no meaningful family structure exists.  For example, a clan has no legal significance.  This maximizes revenue while minimizing threat to the system.

In the era of mass immigration and rampant divorce, the USA is a random people zone full of atomized transients.  Thus there are no traditional sources of cohesion for a competent oligarchy to rule the USA.

Who does that leave to fill the power vacuum?

  1. Mommunism
  2. The Democrat party as inner party, and Republican as outer party.
  3. The permanent federal bureaucracy

When a society grows corrupt, virtue cannot supply cohesion.  Instead, the oligarchy generates trust through mutual blackmail, participating in ritual transgression of societal taboos to forge dark bonds.  That is why parents offered their children to Moloch.

The rock-star lifestyle is an obvious draw for the inner party, the drugs and underage degenerate sex functioning as both reward and blackmail.  See Baal Peor.  As society grows more libertine, greater wickedness is required to produce effective blackmail.  See Epstein island, a Mossad intelligence operation integral to the auto-conspiracy.  (The god of the Talmud is indistinguishable from Satan, and makes Allah look positively Abrahamic.)

Satanism is not quite mainstream, but it's getting there.  Here is Obama wearing a sodomite Baphomet costume:


This Illuminati signal was innocently leaked, and such leaks are always occurring at the edges of the auto-conspiracy.

As is typical for sodomites, Obama was converted by molestation as a boy:


Hillary stopped hiding her witchcraft after losing to Trump:


The Clintons are into Voodoo:


An auto-conspiracy is a loose web of people naturally inclined to conspire, as Mommunists are inclined to conspire against rightists.

Leading this conspiracy are amoral ruthless elites who organize themselves as the New World Order and Illuminati, the former bureaucratic (Bilderburger) and the latter dynastic (Soros, Rothschild, Saud).  Listed in order of ascending wealth.  The Illuminati like pyramids, so they pick three.

According to Q, the recent presidents who were not part of the above conspiracy are:  Kennedy, Reagan, and Trump.  Note that all had credible assassination attempts.

The Mommunist's wicked degenerate auto-conspiracy was a positive feedback loop that left them extremely vulnerable to a disciplined right-wing counterattack.

(They always overreach.  It's called a Left Singularity:  Everyone shuffles left to remain holy enough to avoid censure.  If nothing stops them, eventually someone like Stalin or Pol Pot takes over and kills enough people to dampen enthusiasm for the cult.  Before Communist democides, there was the French revolution and the Seven Kill Stele.)

Trump supplied the Great Man Principle, and allied with cohesive loyalists in military intelligence and law enforcement to form his faction.  His last 4 years have been a sting operation for crimes that were ongoing under Obama, but couldn't be investigated then.

Xi Jinping's CCP faction heavily backed Biden's bid to steal the election, and China-USA relations are about to get ugly.  A different faction of the CCP is cooperating with Trump.  The New World Order is hoping to confuse the election enough to install Pelosi as interim president and enact the Great Reset globally.

Trump already performed a regime change in Saudi Arabia, installing Mohammed bin Salman.  Saudi Arabia was acting as banker for the NWO's hidden funds.  The Las Vegas hotel shooting was probably retaliation for this.  The Hawaiian missile launch warning was probably North Korea taking a shot at the President's jet.  North Korea used to be an NWO playground, with the head of Google flying there to set up their private communication servers.  Hence why Trump has been so friendly with Kim.  Kim's nuclear program in the hollow mountain had an unfortunate accident and collapsed.

Having broken the NWO's power overseas in Saudi Arabia, Iran and North Korea, Trump now brings the war home and out into the open.  What he is about to do will destroy the credibility of the mainstream media and Big Social forever, finally freeing the Boomer mind, insofar as that is possible.

Oh and Joe Biden is a senile pedophile amoral narcissist, but everyone knows that.  He's wearing a boot like John McCain did before he was executed for treason.  Probably an ankle monitor bracelet.


Q called him "No-name McCain".  He was a model Deep Stater.


The largest genetic divide in the human race is between sub-Saharan Africans and the rest of the world.  If the USA continues to admix with its imported sub-Saharans, the result is easily predictable.  It has occurred repeatedly in other countries, from South America to Portugal.  The IQ of the Middle East and Egypt was also significantly lowered by the African slave trade, in antiquity.  That is why the cradle of civilization no longer leads the world in anything except IEDs and incest.  The cycle of history's gyrations are irrelevant compared to the permanent enervation of Africanization.  It would require a total denial of history, human biodiversity and sociology to deny this self-evident fact.


From the standpoint of genetic interest, it is better for an Englishman to lose his entire family than to allow a sub-Saharan to immigrate.  Compared to the sub-Saharan, every single Englishman is his identical twin.


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