The news in brief defies belief

Anonymous Conservative's theories of massive US citizenry participation in a vast intelligence/Cabal conspiracy are nuts. Meaning they are part of a movement fed largely by mental illness. Would make sense of VD's more muted lunacy, if AC is influencing him.

Lew Rockwell joins the COVID19 caused by USA conspiratardery.

Considering there have been devastating influenza epidemics, Anglin et al's "it's just the flu" doesn't even make sense as a dismissal, assuming one is ignorant of the difference in the way flu and COVID19 deaths are counted, upon which the disingenuous dismissal depends.

The correct way to deflate the exaggerated threat of COVID19 is to stop treating deaths at end of natural lifespan as equal to deaths in general.

This looks like a real thread by an Illuminati elite doing his stupid Satanic revelation thing:
These people think more highly of themselves than is warranted, but they are part of the elite club. Their families should be exterminated, of course.

I don't know how to continue reading the archived pol thread past the final entry. I suspect it continues.

Every day after I skim the news, I conclude in equal parts reassurance and dismay: "Yes they're still fools." I've always struggled with incredulity at genpop's intellectual shortcomings. Not that I'm denying some incredible lapses in my own judgment. Part of the difference is that I'm aware of my own extenuating circumstances and subsequent countermeasures.

Anyway it's no wonder things are in the current state.

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