The insectoid Zeta Collective, AKA Menacing Grays, are the galactic superpower backing Akhenaten, Ashkenazis and Communism

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7 mo. ago

Sentient species are separated through light years of time and space.
Yet our consciousness (notice that I didn’t say personality), that part that is the core you, functions via particle entanglement.
You are not entirely what you have been told by those who seek to continue their wealth and power acquisition here.
They have misled you to make you a slave to debt and to their banking systems which have historically masqueraded as religions, “For who would dare steal from the gods?”
He who on this world was crucified railed against some of them publicly in Judea and they murdered Him for it under the state authority of Rome.
Yet rather than to curse them, He forgave them and so created among the masses a self-reflection which led to personal repentance for many things, for not all things were related to tribal religious mores.
So He became a martyr and the plebeians finally stood fast against the patricians in the name of a justice contrary to the corrupted sensibilities of their narcissistic rule.
That is, until the “faith” He inspired was seized and corrupted by the same parties He spoke against.
But back to the subject earlier…
You need the perspective of your other selves and forms to put together a proper perspective of your existence free from the meddling of those without conscience.
In lieu of that, contact with other seekers from other places can assist the current personality in seeing other viewpoints as your primary focus is bound here.
Neither is your “soul” as they have called it actually in your body.
Your core soul is actually elsewhere—more or less permanently, but part of its “web” is connected to this physical form.
The human body is risen up as a time captured satellite of this Star, you simply haven’t crashed into the surface…yet.


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7 mo. ago

As weird as this might sound, I’m pretty sure I saw and felt what you are describing

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7 mo. ago

Another culturally suppressed knowledge of the origin of important things…
Such as monotheism.
One need only to examine the names of Akhenaten’s high priests to reel back in surprise.

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just now

Insectoid Grays aka Zetas, right? Responsible for the Law of One too, I suspect. A Collective big on unity.

7 mo. ago

curious. The only name coming up is meryra. Would you be able to expand on this please?

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7 mo. ago

Meryre II who was the High Priest of the Aten, at the Amarna temple.
Panehesy was the Chief Servitor of the Aten at Akhenaten’s temple.
Merari is described in Genesis, 46:11 as one of the sons of Levi. The Egyptian equivalent is Meryre.
Phinehas was the son of Eleazar and the grandson of Aaron according to Exodus, 6:25. His name in the Talmud is Pinhas. The Egyptian equivalent is Panhesy.
Your own religious leaders have taken great steps to obscure this information from the public.
But our records are most secure, for they are a part of our currency.
Unlike yours, our currency is not corrupted.

You’re welcome. The term for this process of obfuscation in what should be readily discoverable in searches, is called Historical Negationism.

[2022-03-22 Tue 16:11]

This means that since Akhenaten the Jews or at least their priesthood have been Gray-backed. Makes sense. The Jews best fit the Gray MO. Lies, commerce, Communism, senseless subversion.

Yajweh said that Gray Wanderers included prominent labor leaders.

Fits why MdChat called Ashkenazim a heresy. As was Aten.

Ra Law of One connection obvious.
[2022-03-22 Tue 22:00]

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