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  1. AC accuses me of Cabal connections again, kek
  2. I'm alienated
  3. It's been a natural progression
  4. My survey of the Right's incorrigible irrationality
  5. AC exposure complete
  6. Epiphany cycling and error accretion

AC accuses me of Cabal connections again, kek


AC> I give littelbook slack because he went way back with r/K, nearly before everyone here, even though I get the impression he is more plugged in than he lets on.

Meaning he thinks I'm plugged into the Cabal! Absurd.

I'm alienated

This is a staggering failure of psychological insight. I'm not even plugged into the Right, much less the Left.

My personality exhibits extreme disgust for Weimerica, leaving me intolerant even of its Right, and utterly genocidal towards its Left. I criticize the Right because I do not even glance at the Left, which deserves only fire and brimstone.

China is far more bearable for me, for several reasons. The country has been repenting of Communism, which makes normal people's souls much better than Weimerican's. The language barrier buffers me from excessive perception of people's faults, and defends my treasured solitude.

There are downsides. Gutting it out in China with a gut disease and no health insurance is no way to live. But I demonstrably prefer physical agony to psychic loathing.

It's been a natural progression

As open war with China grows imminent, so I must pay close attention to news for personal travel risk. But before COVID19 forced me to start reading the news or else risk getting stranded in the wrong country, I was mocking the DCSS community under my Bibliodemos videogaming identity for jumping off the SJW convergence cliff. The Cabal certainly wasn't paying me to do THAT, but I approached it the same way I did AC's comment section.

Now DCSS participation numbers are dropping precipitously as I predicted, but I'm too busy with Cyborganize development to fork DCSS, because Cyborganize demand has increased enough to unlock the beta, creating huge amounts of work.


Cyborganize is about generating and exploiting huge amounts of info. These quantities regularly shock observers.

My survey of the Right's incorrigible irrationality

By surveying generalist forums James Donald, Vox Day, Great Awakening dot Win, Ruqqus and Anonymous Conservative, I can prove my thesis that even the Right's avant garde is hopelessly lost at postmodern scale. These are the popular general commentator communities with the best accuracy and insight. Now that I've finished plumbing the depths of AC's lunacy, the research phase of that project is done.

(By the way, QTrump and Vox are my exceptions that prove the rule: partially effective men who soak up the competent followers but remain unable to break the cycle of history. If they didn't exist, then I would play nice and work on turning this cycle, instead of going meta.)

My MO for demonstrating the avant-garde Right community's epistemological cancer is to simply drive them to emphatically reject the truth, triggering the swine-pearls reaction if possible. Sometimes that's a ban, or moderation, or just social ostracism. With Jim's blog Qanon was my wedge. At Ruqqus and GreatAwakening.win it was maskphobia. VP's was toughest, and required a multi-prong attack including churchianity and auto-conspiracy. AC's was the easiest, my efforts practically superfluous, but it makes a great case study and generates much insight into how VP went wrong. AC and VP's communities overlap, and AC significantly influences VD.

AC exposure complete

The end result at AC's is that there was zero epistemological movement on the TIPS-Stasi, paranoia woo and macro-conspiracy consensus. Some high-IQ edge-dwellers shifted more skeptical, but they were already alienated by AC's woo-posting and nutty regulars.

AC would've banned me had I not disproven CCP shill accusations and promoted r/K early. Exploiting gratitude is distasteful and unnecessary, and anyway further debate is boring. He's tiresomely repeating himself.

Epiphany cycling and error accretion

My psychological diagnosis of this phenomenon is informed by the RSD concept that identity is conflated with worldview grid. RSD recommends decoupling the grid into independent pillars to reduce fragility and increase flexibility. Textmind encourages this by isolating and questioning atomic thoughts.

To RSD's insight, I add that stress-epiphany cycles counter postmodern info-overwhelm by emotionally searing cognitive shortcuts into the soul. Zoolander: "The files are in the computer!" Contradiction of stress-etched beliefs is experienced as a personal attack, protecting the mind from overwhelm. "MerMAN. MerMAN!"

Unaugmented humans commit a continual stream of cognitive errors, which over time accrete into towering false epiphanies, which then throw further stretches of reality into shadow. Eventually the mind is too darkened to meaningfully resist the trend towards systemic dehumanization, a trend that culminates in a one-world AI-and-Ashkenazi government fulfilling Revelations.

This irrationality also applies to the rest of the political spectrum, of course, not just the Right. Humans continually encounter info overwhelm and commit irrationality to resolve it. As societal stress increases with the deepening of historical winter, this tendency grows, generating sharp irreconcilable conflicts that lead to war.

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