The God-Emperor has a right to fury at Pedowood's slight

Biden's inauguration was star-studded despite the pandemic, yet those same celebrities shunned Trump's ascension.

The Daily Mail reports that Trump is livid at the slight: "Where were my A-listers?"

VD finds this news to be ridiculous juvenile gossip. It is not. Fashion is more powerful than ideas, because it is closer to status and sex. This is an NRx axiom.

Why shouldn't Trump be angry? The king is the font of all honors, and Pedowood sodomites shall pay for their lese majeste.

Can anyone imagine Solomon tolerating this slight? He would have them slaughtered while they gripped the CNN news desk in supplication, if only to secure the undivided affection of the daughters of Jerusalem.

The people tire of oligarchy, and seek a king to save them from Babel's mad priests.

Hail Seizeher! By the pussy shalt thou lead her, the Strumpet and the Trump!

Now for the ironic twist: Trump isn't the only king who hates a slight. VP moderators censored my comment making the above point, presumably because it undermined Vox's post. Uneasy lies the crown!

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