The Failure of the Fallen Silents, the Pillow for Boomers, and for Millennials, the Last War of the West

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  1. Civil War ethno-Communist crescendo
    1. USA ethno-Communist crescendo
    2. Civil War's ethno-Commie big lie
    3. USA | big lie since 1865 | ethno-communism | heresy
  2. Ding dong the witch is dead | USA evil empire | Deep State WW3 | Hillary dead
    1. why adrenochrome: cohesion
  3. I am on the side of Aryas and I AM THAT I AM.
  4. Diversity IS our strength | via invasion!
  5. What is more important to an Aryan American man than the war for North America?
  6. When race is threatened, family is expendable.
  7. clan moot in atomized Weimerican race war
  8. guerrilla outbreak | impossible while semblance of democracy persists | CGuevara@
  9. You're either racist or a race traitor.
  10. "white supremacy the #1 terrorist threat" | yep, we'll kill them all
  11. my ethnicity | Aryan periphery | Texan | nuke Israel
  12. Antifa owns Plano | white flight | suburbs invaded | day of the pillow

Civil War ethno-Communist crescendo

USA ethno-Communist crescendo

JL: Sourcing | © 2021 James LaFond | historical research | recent secondhand worse | experts unreliable | self-defense, boxing, plantation America | US big lie started 1865

Interesting. Weimerica is a Great Lie that has built in intensity for
(- 2021 1865) 156 years
and only now reaches her world-shaking ethno-communist crescendo!

For the lie of equality between Aryan and sub-Saharan is surely greater than the lie of central economic planning, and both are crypto-Israeli.

Civil War's ethno-Commie big lie

Because if the South lost the Civil War, keeping Southerners oppressed required enfranching blacks, required religiously declaring them equal to whites.

And the fact that they always underperform whites, requires blaming whites, preferably badwhites, which were initially Southerners, but are now increasingly all whites.

The Big Lie has grown from 1865 to eat half the world, but no lie lasts forever, and Harvard's reign is almost over.

USA | big lie since 1865 | ethno-communism | heresy

Since 1865, the USA has been living the lie that since the South lost, therefore equal rights for negroes are right. The North won by conscripting immigrant troops from alien nations. This principle of empire was continually applied as the USA rose to world hegemon. As a consequence of this treacherous military momentum cloaked in pious universalism, now all Aryan nations suffer immivasion by alien races, cheered by an Israeli-dominated ethno-communist media priesthood.

Agree with this lie, and become a race traitor, which is worse than an unbeliever.

The Holocaust has replaced the Crucifixion as the West's defining religious trauma, which is remarkable, given that today's gruesomely apostate fake-Jews would be slaughtered to the last infant by Joshua son of Nun with eager zeal. Clearly today's Christians consider themselves holier than the bloody-handed I AM THAT I AM of those benighted desert passages preceding the New Testament. And once one considers oneself wiser than God, it is inevitable that one comes to be ruled by Satan, the chief of all rebels and Father of Lies.

Ding dong the witch is dead | USA evil empire | Deep State WW3 | Hillary dead

Ding dong the witch is dead

The USA has been The Evil Empire for your entire lives.


Making the world safe for Communism, whether the Kremlin economic variant, or the Harvard bio-equality variant!

The only good modern wars the USA has fought were stopping Japanese imperialism and saving half of Korea from Communism. However, that is debatable, since the USA also forced feminism on each country, transforming her happy housewives into spinster whores.

Harvard's Bio-Leninism is even worse than Communist famines, since it irreversibly destroys the nation via miscegenation with inferior and alien races.

Communism is the original Satanic trick: Tempt the inferior to envy, incite a revolution, then rule over the ruins.

It's no surprise that the CCP has decided it would rather fight a biological WW3 than tolerate the USA's "helpful" interference.


Hillary Clinton is the real face of the US empire, and she makes Jezebel look like Esther.

[2021-05-13 Thu 22:52]

why adrenochrome: cohesion

Podesta Military Tribunal: Day 2 | rrn

Why Adrenochrome? It feels good. It likely has some therapeutic benefit, less than infusing young blood in general. Most importantly, it generates elite cohesion via mutual blackmail and verified villainy.

With the USA at a scale of 300+ million atomized souls, any source of cohesion is an extreme competitive advantage. This explains the success of homosexual/pedophile mafias, as well as other minorities such as Jews, Mormons, etc.

I am on the side of Aryas and I AM THAT I AM.

All against can pound sand.

Diversity IS our strength | via invasion!

Diversity IS our strength.

It's what invades when weak men let women rule, restoring patriarchy…

one way or another:

By forcing defensive reform, or by conquest.

What is more important to an Aryan American man than the war for North America?

Answer: Imminent extinction-level event, or extraterrestrial invasion.

This is objective fact, as determined by genetic interest.

(Unfortunately, Millennials will confront all three within their natural lifespan.)

When race is threatened, family is expendable.

When family is threatened, individual is expendable.

When clan is threatened, nuclear family is expendable.

When tribe is threatened, clan is expendable.

When ethnicity is threatened, tribe is expendable.

When race is threatened, ethnicity is expendable.

We are all expendable until the Great Replacement ends. Plan your death accordingly.

It is not a time to create lives, but to end them.

clan moot in atomized Weimerican race war

It's filial to follow one's clan. Patrilineages are central, whether from the Biblical or genetic perspective. The Y chromosome is where much of humanity's competitive greatness is encoded.

The Weimerican era is a strange one. Atomization disrupts even the nuclear family. Meanwhile invasions by multiple differing macro-races render individual and familial reproductive interest moot. The only question that matters is which race(s) keep North America. To illustrate by extreme, it doesn't matter which lion rules the pride, if the hyenas drive them all off the savanna.

All my grandparents are also dead now. It's a shame. My paternal grandfather was a good man, but though his example was good, his leadership was lacking.

The coming second Great Depression will force communities to re-knit, of course. So perhaps we will have the chance to measure ourselves directly against the fallen Silents.

guerrilla outbreak | impossible while semblance of democracy persists | CGuevara@

“Where a government has come into power through some form of popular vote, fraudulent or not, and maintains at least an appearance of constitutional legality, the guerrilla outbreak cannot be promoted, since the possibilities of peaceful struggle have not yet been exhausted.”

-Ernesto “Che” Guevara. “Guerilla Warfare”, Ch. 1 : General Principles of Guerrilla Warfare

[2021-05-01 Sat 08:06]

You're either racist or a race traitor.

Guess which one historically carries the death penalty, and which was made up by Communist Jews?


"white supremacy the #1 terrorist threat" | yep, we'll kill them all

FBI> designates white supremacy the #1 terrorist threat

Hey look, for once the "intelligence" agencies are right:

After we take power, we ARE going to kill them all.

And may I suggest, their children too. Can't let the fruit of race treason prosper, lest we breed ourselves to treason true, like kikes do.

Race treason can only be paralleled by collective punishment, since it's logical outcome is collective extinction.

my ethnicity | Aryan periphery | Texan | nuke Israel

I have always volunteered the fact that I am not of pure high Aryan blood, although I could easily pass as such. Some claim this is a reason to distrust my loyalty to Aryas. Statistically, that is certainly a sound point. Most of those with my degree of admixture are traitors to Aryas.

However, one also observes that the Aryan periphery is more stalwart against the swarth than are the high Aryans. See Hungary, Poland, Greece, Italy, Texas. There are multiple explanations for this: proximity-driven warfare and hatred, less pathological altruism, race realism derived from direct experience, etc.

As a Texan born and raised, I belong to this group, and am comfortable in my identity. I know that phenotypically I am unusually high Aryan, given my ethnic composition. Such accidents happen.

As a WW2 fan from childhood, I always preferred the Nazis for their elan, despite believing the slanders against them. I even preferred the German World Cup soccer team; the German national spirit simply appealed to my Germanic blood, I suppose. However, I do not wish to live among high Aryans merely because of my phenotype. I would be just as alone living there, due to their Proggunist pathological altruism. Their gentle souls lack the implacable hate that animates a border-dweller.

Texas is the only place on Earth I belong, and war is her natural state. This suits my blood, and if I wander the world, it is only to snipe my foes from beyond their feeble reach. What matters to me is Mestizo admixture, of which I have not one muddy drop. So despite my 15% Ashkenazi blood, I say nuke Israel, in revenge for the invasion they engineered through Aryan holy lands, by which I mean Texas, long may she reign.

As for my current residence in China, that is an accident of confused life circumstances. I am often accused by the confused of race treason because of it. Few understand that the same genetic math that makes Aryan reproduction a losing racial strategy in North America makes it favorable one in East Asia. Biologists understand that populations wane and wax; what counts is who controls the land, though its carrying capacity varies. Look at the gradients on a genetic heatmap of the globe, and understand.

Antifa owns Plano | white flight | suburbs invaded | day of the pillow

Antifa owns America’s streets | Plano, not Portland

White flight.


Plano is the nice suburb that cowardly white Texans fled to. I grew up there. Now the revolution has reached their door.

Many Boomers have spent their lives running from Weimerica's ethno-Communist revolution, atomizing their children with their cross-country churn.

Their punishment is the day of the pillow, wielded by a gorilloid nurse. Nature laughs last.

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