The brazen races envy Aryan beauty and brilliance

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  1. "White" is weak
  2. The color of Other
  3. The brazen races
  4. Dat's rayciss

"White" is weak

"White" people is a term invented by kikes to obscure the fact that kikes were preying on Christian Europeans in the slave trade to Muslim buyers. "White" obscured the distinction between kike and Aryan, since both had pale skin. It also obscured the difference between Christian and kike. At the time, Europeans thought of themselves as Christians to distinguish from distant races such as the Muslims.

Nowadays, the kikes are trying to destroy the term "white" as well as the race it mislabels, Aryans. So Aryans are mistakenly defending a term that lumps them with albinos and Ainu.

The color of Other

It's ironic that "People of Color" refers to the brown-eyed, black-haired races, whereas the rainbow people, Aryans, are the only ones excluded from it. The diversity coalition is not known for its honesty or IQ.

Kikes, of course, have their term for all those not kike: goyim. It is a basic necessity of ethnocentrism to have a term for the Other.

Naturally Aryans, lacking ethnocentrism, also lack such a term. It falls to us, therefore, the hated heretics of the Alt Right, to coin one.

The brazen races

The best name for non-Aryans is "the brazen races". Simply by speaking it, the Aryan understands the nature of the Other:

  • His skin is swarthy, darkened and burnt by the brazen tropical sun, that raises its sons in a riot of r-selected disease and the cornucopia of eternal summer's slothful plenty. "Brazen" evokes the bronze South American, Middle Eastern and East Asian coloration that is the non-white mean.

  • He is guiltless, hearing no inner voice of God commanding him to treat non-kin with kindness, as brutal Ice Age and outbred monogamy demand.

  • "the races" evokes Darwin's "the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life"

Say "the brazen races," and feel the pull of sneer and smirk.

Dat's rayciss

How should the Aryan man reply when confronted with the Commie kill-word, "racist"?

Violently. But if that is inadvisable, equal rhetoric will suffice.

If the accuser is Aryan: "Helicopter rides for race traitors."

If kike: "OK, Christ-killer."

If non-Aryan (shitskin): "You have to go back (to your shithole)."

Simple truths sting: "The brazen races envy Aryan beauty and brilliance."

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