The Alt Right lose because they're fools

I left a comment on Jim's recent post on the color revolution plan for the USA that merely quoted a Q post agreeing with him. I didn't say a word beyond that. It sparked a long discussion thread that culminated in this comment from one of the resident fools:

Terraformer says:
2020-09-17 at 07:25

Leo Littlebook is kookanic, once again attempting to cultivate a following on Jim’s blog.

I couldn't care less what you fools think. I noticed the correlation and was nice enough to post it.

And by the way, I think Q is a fool too, and Trump. Hence why they both trusted Comey and apparently Mueller too long. Not sure what all happened with the latter, but I heard Mueller was involved in a previous big case Trump did against the mob, so maybe Trump trusted him from that.

Clearly Trump and Q don't understand Jim's thesis that they're facing a Left singularity. Anonymous Conservative is another fool, he's gone full paranoid gangstalking conspiratarded to replace the causal factor of Left singularity. Vox Day is infected to a lesser degree.

The problem is systemic in the Alt Right, whose rank and file are currently trying to rebel against mask use when they should be establishing masks as a right as common as eyeglasses to foil panopticon totalitarianism, China style.

Your intelligence is too limited to meet postmodern information processing demands necessary to preserve liberty, which is why I've focused on intelligence augmentation instead of wasting time talking to you.

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[2020-09-17 Thu 23:54]

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