Team Q is back in the George.news Telegram account

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  1. Proofs: URLs and insider info
    1. Commenter PaineThomas at GreatAwakening.win discovers George is Team Q
    2. Q refrain "Hello George" a prediction?
  2. Hopium
    1. Links to morale-boosting George.news messages:
    2. Dawn rises in Florida
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It appears that Team Q is back under the masthead "George," which was JFK Jr.'s old magazine. JFK Jr. was Trump's friend, assassinated by the Cabal. The grudge runs deep.

I've read that the George.news team was not originally part of Q, tried to debunk it, made contact and joined forces.

Proofs: URLs and insider info

George is corroborated by the usual military and Trump admin insider info, plus a telling set of YouTube URLs. This is similar to Q's old authentication via special 8kun tripcode. YouTube doesn't permit URL customization to anyone else. Rank hath its privileges.

Commenter PaineThomas at GreatAwakening.win discovers George is Team Q

PaineThomas 107 points 13 hours ago +107 / -0

Interestingly, clicking on the George.News banner on their website takes you to their youtube channel. Not weird except that the link is
How about that? The home of Q posts is also the link address for George News' Youtube channel. Their about section explains that all LIVE streams are military in nature.
Welcome to GEORGEnews! On this Channel, we bring you updates direct from the State Department, Department of Defense, WHCA, WHMO, as well as all LIVE updates from Studio 45. LIVE Streams on this Channel are more MIL based, while all P45 related streams are shown on other channels below. #KnowYourMil #DefenseTV
WHCA is White House Communications Agency
WHMO is White House Military Office.
Interdasting. They also have a non news youtube channel linked on their site simply called George. It has a normal address with random characters. Nvm. it doesn't. This link is
The 8kunOrg address on their News channel and the ANONYMOUSQ on the main channel are both intentional. But why? Both channels were launched 2 years ago. GEORGEnews exactly 2 years ago today and GEORGE 2 years yesterday. That can't be a coincidence.
Their Telegram is full of videos with somebody with direct access to POTUS. Sitting in Marine One with staff, walking onto marine One, riding in the Mar A Lago parade on Inaug Day. Whoever this is, they have unfettered access to Trump. George's HQ is in Trump Tower and they are at Mar A Lago today.
They even have access to ordinarily classified tests of submarine replenishment maneuvers. This site is legit and shows how connected Trump and co are to 8Kun and Anonymous.
The Mar A Lago video is him. You can see him with his window down and recording out the left side of Trump's suv as they do the Mar A Lago tour in this video. Edit: Nvm. Video taker is in different vehicle. Windows are up in Trump's vehicle and the hand waving in another video looks like Melania's.
We need to watch all these videos very closely. I'm starting to think we may have something here.


Q refrain "Hello George" a prediction?

Q's "hello George" refrain might be a greeting to Bush or Soros. It's ambiguous and possibly unrelated to this. But it might be a prediction of Q's transition to George.news


Links to morale-boosting George.news messages:

You have not been abandoned.

GEORGENews COMMS from their YT chat tonight ?

Meaning of "35 | 45": 35th president was JFK.

Dawn rises in Florida

Trump was silent, but now he stirs from Mar A Lago. It begins.

Just looking at Trump makes me happy. Most right-wingers feel that way.

It is the people's love for a king who cares and defends them against evil.


Telegram is the relevant Q-like channel. Be sure to follow it.

The George.news website itself is comparable to Revolver.news. I prefer Revolver, but I suppose that George might appeal more to civnats? Lots of Breitbart, mixed with some hard news.


My post has a critical error. YT has permitted channel URL customization for years. I stupidly failed to check that adequately.

Therefore the George.news URLs are far less significant. I still think the channel is Q Extended, but there's no smoking gun tripcode.

Confirmed, the George.news special YT channel URLs are now broken. They don't even redirect to the new standard gibberish URLs. That is an aggressive, destructive, hostile change. The George.news homepage link to their YT channel is now broken!

The timing is extremely suspicious. IIRC, I checked these links before posting less than 24 hours ago, as of [2021-02-11 Thu 00:46] China time.

Could it be that VP's comments are monitored, and that YT SJWs read my post and vindictively changed the URLs?

I sat on this story for a week because I was busy, so the only thing that's moved recently on it was my post. Perhaps the URL change took time to implement, and I just happened to publish right beforehand. But I prefer the panicked response to a VP comment scenario, for entertainment.

As for this action by YT being a Q/George disproof, I don't think so. Q permitted and then countered interference with his actual tripcode, which was more important than this unheralded URL Easter egg. I don't know whether Extended Q will bother defending this URL or not. Perhaps it's infeasible while Biden is pretending to be President, without blowing opsec.

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