Take The Oath of Jabesh Gilead

Why can't the West win? Who is our enemy?

If we think as bulls do, then our enemy is the Left: Obama, Soros, the Clintons, Muslims, kikes, spics, niggers, etc.

But can any of the aforementioned really defeat us? Of course not. The Left is degenerate, weak and opportunistic. Since colonialism, other races cannot defeat High Aryans without numerical superiority. So why are we losing?

It's like we lost a war, but what war did we lose? The US Civil War. And who marched on the winning side? Christian conservatives and poor immigrants. They betrayed their race in service of empire.

In other words, we lose because of traitors. Because too many in our in-group extend that in-group to cover our racial and religious enemies. They may not approve of our enemies, but they disapprove more of us getting up, walking over and shooting said enemies in the head. They will never permit that, because it would mean exposing their inaction as cowardice and treason rather than the virtue, wisdom, prudence, tolerance, forgiveness, etc. they pretend it to be.

What should be done with traitors? That depends on the nature of the crime. If the traitor benefits at the expense of the group, and if the resultant threat to the group is existential, then it is high treason.

White traitors benefit at the expense of our group. They evade postmodern societal penalties for crimethink, permitting them to work a job and raise their families. They place their own genetic interest above that of their race.

The threat to the group is existential. If the USA miscegenates to a South American telos, she will be easily dominated by the next Chinese empire, likely resulting in the loss not only of white ANZ but also North America. With whites a global minority limited to Europe, extinction of High Aryans via migration and war is possible.

Most white traitors are too muddled-headed to understand what they do. Therefore I do not advocate their torture, but merely painless execution with their families. An eye for an eye, a genetic future for a genetic future.

As for those egregious race traitors such as Nancy Pelosi, something gruesome seems appropriate. Even Jezebel did not replace her own people, and the dogs ate her.

There is a long way between here and executing traitors' families. What is the shortest path between the two points?

I do not suggest starting the executions on an ad-hoc basis. That would be a 4GW disaster.

Instead, I suggest taking the Oath of Jabesh Gilead. It is not binding, due to unforseeables, but a statement of intent: to do to white race traitors as righteous Israel did to the men of Jabesh Gilead.

Having taken this oath, you will begin to deal with race traitors differently. You will separate yourself from them, recognizing that they are chaff.

When we have the numbers - and revolutions are always the work of a determined minority - then the executions will proceed, under color of law. For the laws of nature supersede the constitutions of man, much less the terminal absurdities of a sclerotic suffragette republic.

As for the cowardly, conformist white center, fear will move them into our camp, just as it currently causes them to condemn us. The opinions of a coward are meaningless.

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