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Outsider (Insider) here Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 18:49:12 No.341662638

High degree cabal, take some insight

1- Yes, corona will be memory holed after 90% of population of 1st world countries is vaccinated, maybe around 2023-2024

2- The main purpose aside from population drop due to future infertility increase was to mark certain individuals to block the the posibility of obtaining whats to come.

3- This was all calculated by an quantum AI, not shit like 666gle or any research center is doing now but far more advanced. This AI is sentient and at a level to be able to predict future events at solar system scale.

4- In near future, humans will evolve, this can be seen as entering the Age of Aquaris or "The enlightement" of the human race. This evolution is far beyond growing and extralimb or shit like that, what I am meaning is literal mutant like abilities. There will be people able to fly, to create fire, ice, electricity, magnetic fields, with super strength, invisible ones and a large variety of things like this.

5- Yes, this evolution is coded in our dna and will be triggered in a future event.

6- Only people of asian and caucasian origin hold this potential. Mutts of a certain degree could also be able to go this path but with different results (lower level of evolution, self-harm evolution etc)

7- People that got the vaccine will not evolve. Unvaxxed will.

8- We are testing who deserves it. We know mayority of unvaxx are literall remains of nazism regim in all it's flavours, but we can't kill you one by one, instead we demoralised you as much as we could as a whole and more pressure will be put on you in the period of 2022-2023. After that, the individuals that still are able to maintain themselves unvaxxed will be contacted by the cabal. As a way to show you our respect, you will be invited to join us. You keep your evolution power, you gain elite position and rule the cattle with us.

9- We know there are still individuals that will reject to join, AI thinks those individuals will form an army and go all in trying to destroy us. A big war will happend but remember the cabal and their high troops also are unvaxxed so we will also obtain the evolution.

10- This was AI's best approach to guarantee a victory in that battle. AI thinks the rebel unvaxxed army will be outnumbered enough for us to win easily this will in part be thanks to those demoralised unvaxxed that join the cabal and help us destroy the rebel part. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/341662638/#341662638

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 19:29:14 No.341665265 Report

>>341663025 >>341663918 >> [tell us more]

This is all we know in my circle, the details are still to be revealed but the council that it's in direct comm with the AI knows what they are doing.

>>341664835 so all it takes to join the cabal is to be able to go a few years without working and hiding from society? that's the quantum AI litmus test for the chosen? really?

yes, the funny thing is that this was the response one member of the council had towards the AI and the AI suggested him to enlight the room with a better plan.

After that they all laugh.

So I will ask you the same to have good laught, would you please enlight the thread with a better plan to win a war against millions of mutant powered people?

>protip: No, you can't, the only way to win that out is to have an opposite army equal in strength but with more numbers. It's simple.

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 19:42:24 No.341666171 Report >>341665520 >>341665535 Is the quantum AI on Saturn by any chance?

No, It's on Earth. It was built by chosen people based on the one that was previously built on the planet that existed in between Mars and Jupiter that now is formely asteroids Belt.

This AI is able to comm with the being on Saturn.

The being on Saturn is of a higher degree.

Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 19:43:56 No.341666276 Report

>>341666040 why not begin recruiting now?

AI needs at least 90% of people out of the evolution game. We cannot start to recruit before that.

Ideal would be 95%

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 19:48:05 No.341666539 Report

>>341666367 do we get random powers or is it racial based or what

It's based on lineages. We have records from the good old times. There are lineages prone to fire, others to ice, others to air, to water and such

Nowadays caucasian breed between each so much that it's not possible to tell which power will be awaken in each individual.

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 19:49:22 No.341666635 Report

>>341666489 Simple, you turn the masses against the rebels by false flagging attacks that leads to even the underpowered falling in line to stop these super villians. Fuck you even run it as that, they get to be their favorite Marvel/DC hero fighting supervillians. At that point you now paralyze more rebels with moral dilemmas as the every people they seek to save turn on them. What will be the real danger is under the radar lone wolf attacks that may persist for decades leading to a potential low power mutant revolt.

You just realised the need of super heroes Hollywood boom.

Predictive programming of cattle to help us

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 19:50:56 No.341666760 Report

>>341666585 has the AI said anything about any last resort efforts to achieve 90%-95% vax rate? hypothetically, if towards the end of 2022, we are still only at 80% vaxxed, what will be done to achieve this milestone before the protagonist discovers his superpowers and gets his own Funimation series?

Yes, but I cannot unveil those steps. If I did unvaxxed people in this thread will prepare before hand to endure the events.

This is not loable. [Spanish misspelling: allowable]

We want people to face the unknown and remain stoich. [stoic]

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 19:54:37 No.341667040 Report

>>341666843 Your opinion on the coming solar cataclysm in 10-20 years?? COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified | Suspicious0bservers | YouTube

> When I was a teen I had two uncles who were high up in the secret military world. They told me they were glad they wouldn't live to see what's coming and told me if I lived to my 60s and 70s I would go through an electromagnetic catastrophe. They tried to explain it the best they could to my young mind and I have added to that knowledge ever since and you guys are on the right track.

> They know it is coming. Earliest I read was 2024. They expect the New Madrid and San Andreas to go by 2024 at the latest. Cascadia subduction. Then massive quakes, volcanoes worldwide. Then the pole flip with massive tsunami by 2026.the solar nova is expected h 2045.

> Edgar Cayce foretold of the "upcoming pole shift" in readings he gave in the 1930's. He tells of major Earth changes and where the most upheaval will occur. Some lands go into the sea and new lands will rise. Safe areas were given but Cayce advised "how you live" (brother's keeper) is more important than "where you live".

that's classified

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 20:30:31 No.341669598 Report

>>341668853 [I'm mixed, whatabout me?]

A mix between Caucasian formely Cromagnon race from Mars and African formely Bantu race from Venus would only evolve right if there's balance in the mix.

If the mix is inclined towards one side the evolution is a failed one. At least that's what is written in the records.

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 20:32:28 No.341669736 Report

>>341669621 [scatological humor]

poop was precious resource in ancient old times it has a loot [sp: lot] of use cases if handled right

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 22:45:28 No.341681080 Report

>>341666903 [skeptical would reveal secrets] >>341676479 [larp]

This thread does not reveal much that any of your unvaxxed instinct is already telling you.

>>341670811 Convince me why should we join?

join or be killed in the war you choose.

>>341671263 So what you're saying is that we are returning to an age where magic can manifest in physical form?


>>341673028 Tell us more about the AI. On which hardware does it run? Any other more infos?

In a gas cloud.

>>341674520 Bro I can't wait to be a mutant. What kinda sweet shit we gunna do

depends on your lineage

>>341676994 What if I just obliterate Saturn instead?

If you do it right, the being in there will need to scape to self world.

>>341677754 If it's not hunt us down its got to be depriving us of resources. What else could you do? Black mail us?

cant' reveal. Face the unknown.

>>341678084 yeah I think I will be fine but I don't buy your AI bullshit.

Your "Humans" is in fact different species from different planets.

  • African Bantu from Venus.
  • Aryans origins other solar system.
  • Extinct Crogmagnon from Earth.
  • Asian Denisovan from Mars.
  • Jews Neanderthals from Asteroids Belt, formely a Planet

You are very naive to think what it is show to humanity is current state of the art of things.

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 22:52:10 No.341681753 Report

>>341680156 Neutralize your opponents before they get superpowers?

around 70 million caucassian individuals over a period of 2 years?

can't be done with the current resources.

We are not omnipotent yet kid.

And this is not even counting Asians in…

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Anonymous mK2d0D1V Fri 01 Oct 2021 22:55:35 No.341682080 Report

>>341681745 Why cant [blacks] evolve?

Bantu can evolve too however they just need a different kind of event to evolve. The one coming can only activate Asians and Caucassian dna

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