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What I've realized from the last iteration of Altrugenics is that Discyborg is the necessary foundation for men to cohere in the culture war.

If a man's intellect hasn't been disciplined by extensive contact to failure with standardized tests, then he will overestimate his cognitive abilities. A compound series of errors will eventually cause him to insist on some false belief. At that point he'll either drag the organization into a delusional direction, or he'll have to be removed.

If a man's ethos isn't founded on KJV Bible audio random shuffle, then he'll inevitably misinterpret the endless complexity of the Bible in some severely heretical way that will cause an even deeper rift.

Get those two points right, and long-term geographically-dispersed voluntary synthetic tribal cohesion is possible. Which is what it takes to kickstart my core Christian resistance plans.

If I can ever stabilize and universalize my koans, that will make three pillars for synthetic retribalization, and greatly increase the virality thereof, by giving it a strong soul component.

There are other, looser models of affiliation and affinity, of course. But other people are already implementing them, and I don't need to duplicate their work, compete with them or join them.

A core such as I've described can then support a looser network surrounding it, that lacks the ability to self-sustain.

Implementation will take years, but I know I've found the correct path. Which is why I retired the name "Koanic", whose purpose was to be a disposable pseudonym for exploring the problem.

As for the Altrugenics project, I'll restart that too. Physiognomic affinity is nice to have, but last time I placed too much expectation on it for synthetic retribalization. With reduced expectations, the project is perfectly viable. It's just not a Discyborg foundation.

The distinction reminds me of the Cyborganize development process. I churned iterations of personal knowledge management systems destructively until I found the correct foundation in Emacs. Thereafter I could build upon that foundation cumulatively. Having decided on the Discyborg foundation, I've now entered the cumulative phase with my final names: Littlebook and Cyberthal.

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