Smallpox Satanist plan for depopulation NWO

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The following is purportedly an inadvertently leaked document, although I suspect it is instead a deliberate construction intended to go viral. I have transcribed it from blurry image text, after failing to Google the original text.

The image was first posted to 4chan on 18 Nov 2021.

leaked document

Hoping this finds you all well.

Disclaimer: None of the following is real, so don't worry.

Now that that's out of the way.

It unfolds in 2 Stages.

Stage 1

The objectives:

  • Gauge how difficult it is to persuade the population into taking the vaccines.
  • Have the population take said vaccine to weaken their natural immunity.
  • Reduce food distribution.

The results:

  • Most will take a vaccine with very little persuasion.
  • Most took the vaccine with very little persuasion.
  • Food distribution has been reduced.

Most took a vaccine to save them from a flu-like virus with a 97% survival rate. This already answers the question as to what would happen when the public is offered a vaccine to save them from a painful and disfiguring virus with a 70% survival rate.

Stage 2

They are releasing small pox. It will be airborne. The vaccinated have been set up to be the most damaged. Infections are expected to reach the hundreds of thousands within days. When this begins, you will see global markets crash. Banks will start to collapse and close up commercial fronts. Stores will go empty from looting. Riots will occur and martial law will be implemented.

The media will blame the release of the virus on Christian terrorism and claim the terrorists are from the christian-American right. It will be said that they had stolen the virus from a facility in Georgia. They will tell you that the terrorists wanted to reset the "evil" world by culling most of it, believing only the strong and religious few that live in isolated communities, would survive this attack to inherit it. Worldwide, expect to see churches burn after this news comes out. The infection will spread from its host without the host having any symptoms. Thus everyone will be labeled a risk. As the infection spreads, the American dollar will become nearly worthless, as will most currency. Hospitals will become guarded by the military and you will have to pay to obtain service. The price for a bed will be as much as a three bedroom home in middle America. Certain selected sections of people, such as refugees, migrants and certain government employees, will be allowed free entry. There will be ships and airplanes leaving American cities for safe havens that offer people a place free from infection. These options will also be expensive and will require a mandatory quarantine upon arrival. They will be on a first come first serve basis.

The CDC gave a warning about zombies as a joke. Many thought it was a joke. They were actually preparing you for what is about to come. The infected will be in the streets and will look worse than any horror movie you've ever seen. The infected who are visibly afflicted and the desperate who aren't will be trying to obtain every single note of currency and tangible good they can get in order to access the hospitals and safe havens. They will go after you in public and they will try to enter your homes. The military will not be able to handle the volume and they are well aware of this. They are going to be protecting certain areas deemed as structurally important, while other areas will be left completely unprotected. During this time you can expect permanent power outages on the grid to occur along with wide-spread ISP shut downs.

They have a cure and a vaccine ready to go. After millions of people die off, they will offer the cure to the infected.

As you know we are not religious and do not promote religious beliefs, but our clientele are of many various faiths, all of which we accept and welcome. Please understand that this message is not in support of supernatural beliefs; this is simply what the powers that be believe and will promote. Whether it is true or not is both unknown and irrelevant. What is known and what matters is that they are going to use the following narrative to establish the new paradigm.

Most of the hospitals during this time will be employing a collective known as The Black Hand. The Black Hand is a nickname for a collective of private and public sector workers from the lowest rankings all the way up to the highest offices that are all card-carrying Satanists. These people are all in the same club and took the same oaths. They follow orders and do whatever protocol is laid upon them by the highest ranking members. These are the same people that orchestrated the 2020 presidential election. These are people most would never expect to be Satanists. The little, old, woman who works at the DMV. The fat, friendly, oaf that works at the post office. The million-dollar executive at the big pharma company. The soldier at the recruitment office. All of them belong to this collective. It is rumored that their numbers are in the tens of millions and they are a global network.

The hospitals will be taken over by workers that are all a part of The Black Hand. They will inform the infected of the following narrative. This is not the full narrative, but it is a summary of it.

God is real and helped his followers, the Christians, cause this plague to punish mankind for not being slaves to him. COVID-19 was a warning from God and his followers, for mankind to change its ways. God is an evil tyrant, does not love man, and is willing to murder children and the innocent for not bowing to him. Adam and Eve were kicked out of heaven for wanting freedom. Satan is a fallen angel that wants to protect man's freedom and is as powerful as God. Satan has been the driving force of humanity's independence and prosperity and is the one who taught man the fundamentals of mathematics and science. Satan wanted man to choose to follow him on his own, so he never revealed himself or bothered mankind. Mankind naturally drifted away from God and chose Satan through the ideology of independence and self-empowerment. This caused God to become angry, thus God is now trying to punish mankind because he is jealous. Satan wants to offer all who believe in him and his way of life protection from God if they pledge allegiance to uphold his way of life, which is to remain free.

The Black Hand will admit that they are Satanists and will tell the infected that so are the majority of their leaders. They will offer them the cure for the virus if they are willing to become a follower of Satan. They will make it clear that everything they've been told has been reversed, the truth is the lie, and that the Bible is a lie meant to scare everyone into slavery under a tyrant. They will make it clear that Christians are and have always been the enemy of progress.

Everyone who accepts will do so formally in a Satanic baptism. This is a ritual that takes minutes to conduct and only requires the participant to agree by stating "Yes" or "No" verbally to questions from a Satanic priest. It concludes with the Satanic high-priest dipping their hands into blessed water and touching them on the forehead and right hand. The Black Hand plan to conduct these rituals from hospital bed to hospital bed.

All who accept will be cured. The Black Hand will then spread the same message to the rest of the public. You will witness world leaders and very famous celebrities admit that they are Satanists and spread the message also. They will offer the vaccine as protection to anyone willing to accept the new order. Shelter, food, and all other appropriate items will also be given to those that comply. There will be no force. Society will begin to restore itself as more and more people become immune to the virus. Most of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia are expected to have death tolls in the hundreds of millions by this time, far more than the expected death count of Western nations.

Any of you that are clients of Marcy, please know that Marcy has deleted any information that can be traced back to you. Thank you again for your patience. Good luck to you all.

my notes

This is a plausible Archon plan for NWO, following galactic norms such as consent, planetary unification, and Archon rebellion against Source. The biology could work. The Black Hand presumably exists and functions as described, although may be exaggerated.

If this is fiction, it is benign in intent — or Archontic foreshadowing to justify consent.

Notice how the conflict of Christian vs secular has been carefully cultivated to culminate in a synthesis of Satanism (which is disguised Archontic rebellion against Source), at the moment of human assimilation into the galactic community.

The goal is for humans to depend on Archons (AKA fallen Ultraterrestrials) for life force rather than Source. The Satanic contract unwittingly consents to this.

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