Semi Scriptura: Why Western Protestantism has Failed

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Aeoli has apparently started to shit on his previous masterpieces.
Whenever he wants to teach others (or talk about moral topics), he fails miserably. Whenever he just follows his intuitions he's brilliant.
Apparently multiple smart people he has known for years giving him negative feedback does not make him reconsider (neither re topic at hand, nor re approach).
I could have made this comment on his blog, but I don't want another around of "this is crap, can't you see it?".

It's not just Aeoli. All contemporary Christians sufficiently intelligent for their writing to interest me are guilty of errors divisive in their variety but sharing one root cause.

If one learns the Bible outside of a normal healthy ancestral context, it will destabilize the psyche by elevating Reason and giving it a partial grasp on some dogma, leading to a skewed worldview. For postmodern men the only way to avoid this is to either not have a mind capable of this mistake or to do Bibleaudio random chapter shuffle immersion to simulate that healthy ancestral context, preventing the dogmatic destabilization, which is alien to the actual ethos of the Bible, which was primarily oral. Christians will resist chapter shuffle since it is technological and thus not traditional, however failing to grasp that it is they themselves who are non-traditional and thus require technological correction. The gap between the Iron Age and the Information Age is too large. The number of Bible chapter juxtapositions possible is indistinguishable from infinity, and therefore permits time travel.

I call this garbage Christianity. They are unable to agree or accomplish anything meaningful in the face of Western civilization's collapse.

Some are more susceptible than others. The degree of inoculation from follies of Reason and grounding in sound life experience varies, as does the corresponding dysfunction. But this is the ultimate reason why Western Protestantism has failed.

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