Right-wing anklebiters still haven't pierced Trump's 4-year plan

Trump puts up skyscrapers in record time.  Building his power base enough to crush a global Cabal that has ruled since the end of the Cold War in only 4 years is even more impressive.  People who complain he's slacking.  Lets' see those critics be Boomer whisperers like Trump.  Anklebiters pretend to superior knowledge, about which they complain Trump has done "nothing", ignoring the fact that their supposed esoteric insight is merely secondhand scraps courtesy of Q.  Pathetic.

Trump and Giuliani aren't trying to fundamentally change the system, but to preserve it by cleaning the corruption that flourished in the prosperity and enervation that followed the Cold War, which domestic Communism won.  Their efforts are doomed by demographic change, in true Boomer fashion.  But of course a dose of competence and incorruptibility will purge many parasites from the body politic, and the world at large, given the USA's superpower status.  Ironically the success of Trumpism merely means a long-term increase in the odds of Brazilification, with its attendant 3rd-world perma-corruption, poverty and weakness.  By this means Rome destroyed southern Italy's relevance as a Western power, as has happened many times before to formerly white lands.

What Q is doing is like pulling up mushrooms.  Mushrooms are easy to pull, but the colony remains.

Being surprised by Trump in 2016 was excusable if suspiciously shortsighted.  Being surprised by him in 2020 is benighted.  The eternal stupidity of man is that he sees what flatters himself, and Trump rubs many weak men the wrong way.  That is his invisibility cloak — to sit in envy's blind spot and wave demagogic buffoonery like a matador's cape.  He has been doing it since he was convincing NYT reporter undermensch to portray him as a toughguy heel for creatively evicting undesirable renters.  He beguiled the world's most poisonous liars to sing his masculinity, just as he beguiled the world's most beautiful women to sing his name atop his dick.  He cares what the mental children watching him think, but only enough to play to the crowd.  But the rest of us grow tired of hearing from them.

“To understand the man you have to know what was happening in the world when he was twenty.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte

Trump is Making America 1966 New York Again, and anyone who can't see that at this point should think twice before speaking about the social cycle of history or physiognomy ever again.

Nothing is certain.  Trump could get headshot tomorrow.  But he's well prepared and defended; the odds are very low.  And the odds of a Joe Biden - Ho Harris presidency are nil.

You fools are so busy trying to avoid the shame of naivete by posturing with cheap cynicism that you miss the real blackpill: You and Trump the same species, the muddled-headed K-selected cuckservative, an integral part of the left-right march of degeneration that dooms white lands to miscegenation and permanent enervation.  Whether you are a race-traitor cuckservative or a conspiratarded masturbater, your inability to act in the collective white interest makes you a meta-cuck.

I know it's impossible, but try to conserve a scrap of dignity, for ancestors' sake.  Don't bite the hand of the one man dismantling the Illuminati pyramid fucking you in the ass.  If you must be an ingrate, at least wait until he's finished.

How do you reel a fish in?  By letting it exhaust itself fighting and running, over and over.  Why?  So the fish doesn't break things, and you can catch him smoothly with a weak line instead of dynamiting the pond.

Trump slowly pushed the Cabal to desperation, and now he'll reel in his catch, hooked on FISAs stealing a presidential election.  No room for doubt, even for benighted Boomers.  Line intact, no dynamite required.

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