Resolving the three-way conflict: Ra LoO vs Burning Bush vs Padgett's Jesus. False dawn?

If BB is an impersonator, then the likely candidate is Lucifer, who one can expect will run a disinfo campaign for every demographic.

Lucifer's symbol is an Omega containing a star, and Q is the letter in the English alphabet that most closely resembles Omega.


Lucifer was the original Furberite Q, and then the Positive Alliance took over Q under Watkins' board. This fits Lucifer's inferior power to Positive ETs.

BB's warmth, Earthly power, and his emphasis on restoring matriarchal aspects of spirituality all fit his known psych profile.

Portraying BB as wrathful, a heavy drinker and serial divorcee, etc all fit Lucifer's agenda of rebellion against Divine authority.

Instead of displacing rude 4chan challengers to alternate timelines, Lucifer could simply be killing or otherwise silencing them.

Lucifer is an Inner-Earth civilization, and BB claims to dwell in a "Valley of the Blue Moon" which strongly resembles an Inner-Earth civilization.

A desire to depopulate the Earth and foment war would certainly fit Lucifer's agenda, and a desire to clean up the Cabal fits his false dawn grand strategy for subjugation.

There remains the problem of Ra's LoO. We may suppose that, being also Venusian 6thD, Ra is an ally of or influenced by Lucifer. Thus Ra's LoO would be another extremely sophisticated and successful disinfo operation.

By contrast, I cannot see any profit to a Negative deceiver to run the Padgett Jesus campaign. People praying to be filled with Divine Love via the Holy Spirit is a disaster for Negative. The way in which the Bible is corrected and updated does no benefit to the Negative cause.

In fact, my parental spiritual tradition has essentially been trying to follow the religion Padgett revealed, by emphasizing becoming Spirit-filled, over the details of the New and especially Old Testament text. I rebelled against this tradition for its intellectual indiscipline, but now I have come full circle, to my chagrin.

I could still be wrong. But the way Padgett-Jesus absolutely wrecks my classical apologetics training, while immediately replacing it with something vastly superior that rings in my very soul with its truth... well, it's convincing. Convicting. Conclusive?

We are encountering truths from multiple higher spiritual beings. The question is, which is highest? I think I've made my choice.

But I still have great doubts. Ra's LoO offers a compelling cosmology, and it is difficult to reconcile with Padgett-Jesus' denial of reincarnation (unconfirmed).


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