Reptilian shapeshifting is physically impossible -- a psientific rebuttal

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  1. Icke & Wilder
  2. Implausible or impossible?
  3. The damsel in deepest distress
  4. Flesh and illusion
  5. Draco dominion
  6. Conquest of the West
  7. Ectoplasmic manifestation
  8. Further reading
  9. Icke-quisition

Icke & Wilder

This is an Arizona Wilder interview that is unfortunately conducted by David Icke, the only man crazy enough to take her seriously.

If you hate David Icke, I understand. Recently he said the coronavirus doesn't exist or something, so now he's radioactive. Clearly the man is not a biologist. I think he was a football commentator originally.

I appreciate Icke's fearlessness in taking this interview, especially back then. That said, I skipped his 37 minute preface. I am only interested in Wilder's testimony. Like any journalist, I prefer primary sources.

If you love David Icke, please understand that I have never listened to a word he said, for the same reason as everyone else: Shapeshifting Reptilians isn't biologically plausible.

Even Earth's masters of shapeshifting, such as the octopus, are nowhere near the level required to do a full-time human to reptilian transformation.

It's just insultingly bad sci-fi. You want a shapeshifter? The Thing that tore apart Thule Station: Now there's a @*$% shapeshifter. Totally implausible, but fun.

It turns out I wasn't thinking sufficiently outside the box.

Implausible or impossible?

Somehow this week, I stumbled across Wilder's interview. A year ago, I would've instantly dismissed it. But a recent esoteric contact has turned my skepticism into urgent investigation. So I skipped Icke and started watching at 2x speed.

I couldn't turn it off. The details kept adding up, fitting into what I'd already researched. There was just one problem: shapeshifting is impossible… right? Time for some Sherlock Holmes.

The damsel in deepest distress

Haunted eyes tell a tale of murder, witnessed too close. Her PTSD looks fresh from a warzone. Her voice bites when she says "Satan", with a working familiarity I've never witnessed. I've snoozed my way through countless phony sermons, but this witch gives me nightmares. Something bad happened, happens, to her.

The question is, what? Is her brain fried on psychedelics, depression and domestic abuse, or are there really Reptilian royals?

No, of course the Royal Family are not reptiles. They are mammals, homo sapiens to be specific. I believe they may actually be French, so at least that detail is correct.

But Wilder doesn't claim they're reptiles. She merely states that she's seen them shapeshift.

Many people have seen ghosts. Some have even been touched by them. Are they all crazy too? Did all those ancient religions practice human sacrifice for no reason? Are there hungry ghosts?

Flesh and illusion

I looked for ways to dismiss the shapeshifting as illusion or psychic projection. It wasn't possible. The physical descriptions made clear that the transformation had to be physically real. Height increased, claws rent, teeth gnashed, maw devoured. Jesus proved his substantiality to the disciples in the same way: by eating. It's a dark miracle.

But dark miracles do occur. They merely require sufficient power, and a sufficiently powerful practitioner. A temporary manifestation of a Reptilian ectoplasmic body around a permanently-possessed human host is quite possible, when powered by ritual human sacrifice. This is the only time Reptilian "shapeshifting" can be captured on camera, which lacks the discernment of the mind's eye.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth say precisely the same thing: That dark spirits can walk among men, when the blood flows. That serpent-headed monsters can wear the faces of men, until the illusion is dispelled. These are two different phenomena, as I will explain.

Draco dominion

To make sense of Wilder's full testimony requires contextualizing it in Dr. Michael Salla's alternative history of Earth. Arizona Wilder, despite her title as one of three Illuminati goddesses, is merely a minor figure in one faction out of many, albeit one of the worst.

Wilder's handler is more prominent: the deservedly-departed Dr. Mengele. He was as evil as they say, and he continued practicing in the USA for the CIA, but he wasn't quite human. Certain Aryans of a Merovingian psychic bloodline are compatible hosts for Reptilian possession.

These Merovingians are often redheads, which is no coincidence. Reptilians are atavistic creatures, predators obsessed with blood. They associate red scales with dominance, and consider red hair the most delicious prey. Obviously this has no basis in biological reality, but the Reptilians make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Submissive red Reptilians do not survive, and human redheads are bred for tastiness, or psychic ability.

Reptilians are 4th and 5th Density, whereas humans are 3rd and animals are 2nd. This means Reptilians are psychic and interdimensional, with powers that appear magical to our science. Draco Alliance and Orion Group Reptilians are Chaotic Negative. Cut off from God, they sustain their longevity by energy vampirism. This means feeding on the vital energy of sapient beings, the field that knits body and soul together. As Reptilians are predators, this takes the form of ritual killing and devouring of terrorized psychic humans, usually children. Lamb beats mutton.

Conquest of the West

Open First Contact (OFC) between aliens and this iteration of humanity is still prohibited by government treaties concluded at the end of WW2, in which the USA effectively surrendered to Negatives in order to prevent the panic OFC would cause – such as the collapse of religion, obsoletion of fossil fuels, replacement of the US government by a 4th Reich puppet state, etc. After Eisenhower refused the offer of the Positive Arianni of protection in exchange for giving up nukes, the Negative New Swabian 4th Reich did flyovers of DC in Haunebu vimana until the USA surrendered. The effectiveness of the Haunebu had already been demonstrated by their effortless defeat of Byrd's Antarctic invasion fleet.

Notice the curious end of the Age of Exploration after WW2. The mysteries of the deep ocean, poles and Moon remain unlocked, mankind given mere keyhole glimpses. The reason: "Trespassers will be shot."

After WW1, the Nazis turned to the Negative Reptilians, pushed into a corner by Communism's rise. So with Eisenhower's surrender, Draco/Orion Reptilians now ruled the "free" West. Thus explaining why there is no escape for Arizona Wilder, whose tormenters operate with Gestapo (CIA) sanction.

Ectoplasmic manifestation

David Icke interviews the horror-drowned woman without understanding the mechanics of Reptilian possession. True shapeshifting is gruesome and rare, a South American rumor. However, ectoplasmic manifestion is a common paranormal phenomenon.

5th Density beings regularly manifest complete bodies for themselves, with great variability of form. 4th Density beings are much more limited. Often paranormals use a living human as a source of vital energy to generate ectoplasmic constructs. This is what occurs in the apparent "shapeshifting" that Wilder witnesses during human sacrifices.

The Earth is neither hollow nor solid, but a honeycomb. Dimensionally-phased vimanas can fly straight through rock, and carve great tunnels of smooth densified walls at comfortable cruising speed. The lithosphere is the natural redoubt of intelligent life, safe from the vicissitudes that surfacers suffer, sheltered by nothing but thin air.

In certain Reptilian deep subterranean bases, many Negative 4th Density Reptilians float in transparent biogel tubes, while their dark spirits go forth to trouble the minds of men. "Possessed" Illuminati elites have a Reptilian assigned to them full-time.

Probably this task is low-ranking, which is why even the Queen of England transforms into an unassuming brown beast, rather than a royal White, for example. Reptilians are obsessed with status and royalty, and a royal White Reptilian does live in the Queen's palace, in a dimension just out of sight. But she lives in luxury, feasting on the hearts of hybrid children, not floating in a darkened tube.

When a scheduled Illuminati ritual occurs, a Reptilian shaman sacrifices a human slave before the biogel tanks, in synchronization with the surface ritual. This creates a dark portal, through which the shaman may step to the surface. It also transmits energy, allowing the floater Reptilian to "shapeshift" the possessed, building an ectoplasmic Reptilian body around the human host in an instant. This body is not biologically logical; such constructions do not need to be. Its only purpose is to facilitate the energy vampirism of the ritual, as the Reptilian rips and devours the blood and organs of the victim.

(Ectoplasm is not really the right term; I use it as analogy to establish the concept of manifesting temporary matter by spiritual energy.)

At this time, the Reptilian can be photographed as a monster, and his teeth and claws are quite real. At other times, the possessed merely shows flashes of Reptilian influence. These are not visible on camera, but only in the mind of the acute perceiver, whose latent psi abilities reveal the Reptilian presence riding a human mind. This is why people often claim to see a flash of Reptilian eyes in an evil elite's face.

This crude trick of transformation is nothing special. Positive Sasquatch, our long-suffering nature ally, can take the form of Brother Wolf, Brother Bear and Brother Elk at will. These kind 5th Density shamans put Reptilian tricks to shame, and crush them in combat. Humans will be even more powerful, once we ascend – something Reptilians very much wish to prevent.

Bigfoot - Patterson/Gimlin Film | Stabilized | 10/20/1967

Reptilians rarely visit Earth's surface in our dimension; the proliferation of cameras has rendered doing so impractical. Reptilians can fool the human eye through psi mimicry, because humans are programmed to be easily duped by psi mimicry, so that our "gods" may walk among us. But psi doesn't affect cameras.

Secrecy and lies are essential to the Negative agenda. The USA, having lost its faith in God, surrendered to a bluff, believing Hell stronger than Heaven. Butchered children pay the price.

Now you know why the Illuminati insists on calling the rest of us cattle: Projection. Their gnosis is nothing more than Reptilian shamanic nonsense, like a goatherd's signals to his herd.

Further reading


Some people still insist I give my position on David Icke. I barely have one, since I've never read him. I hear he's a courageous interviewer with no filter and many crazy changing opinions. I like my intellectual influences to be scholarly or superhuman, as the above list reflects. (Ask pushy questions, get snobby answers.)

Please do not annoy me by claiming my views are "the same" as Icke's. Everyone on the above list believes in Reptilians, and none of them are "the same". I prefer to call Reptilians "Sauropsoids" anyway, unless more precise classification is available, such as Dinosauroid or Avianoid.


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