Renouncing my surname for Littlebook

I share a name with my father and grandfather, being the third. My family have repeatedly asked me not to trouble them by association with my radical views. I have made efforts to comply, but am no longer willing. Therefore, I hereby renounce my surname. My name is now Leo Joseph Littlebook.

My grandfather was an honorable and outspoken racist, frequently making accurate observations about the sub-Saharans hordes who ruined the city of Memphis, his home. Out of respect for that, I would not renounce my name were he still alive. But he is dead, and so I am free.

My old name was not suitable as an American name. It had a difficult Italian spelling and pronunciation. I don't speak Italian or have any ties to that country, and carry only an eighth of Italian blood. There is no reason to perpetuate that surname any longer.

Littlebook is an allusion to the Bible, and reminiscent of my original surname.

I was born in Dallas, Texas. I defy the immivasionists, and will see them dead. Remember the Alamo. Long live Texas.

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