Reconciliation of LoO reincarnation with Padgett soteriology

In the Beginning, GodFather created the Source. There was no Time. The Source split into all Creation, including our Oversouls. Our Oversouls split into our many lives. Time feels like a line, but it is a circle. We are born from our Oversoul, we live, we die, we climb the Spirit spheres, and at last we return to it. Then our Oversoul returns to the Source. Yet we remain ourselves. Then the Source explodes forth again, as we create together, like angels or gods.

But some souls perish. They sink into lethargy and unconsciousness, dissolving into animals. Others are damned to the hells by their wickedness, requiring millennia to escape, to repent.

A spirit looks outside as he is inside. A spirit's character determines his surroundings. The damned damn themselves, and torment each other. Heaven is too bright for them.

Jesus came to show us how to fill our hearts with GodFather's Divine Love, becoming immortal. What lies beyond the Celestial Heavens Jesus opens for us? No one knows. Pray for GodFather's Divine Love to fill your heart, and you can find out.

There is no hurry. You can pray after you're dead, or before. GodFather does not force anything on us. He never punishes, but only allows us to suffer the natural consequences of our actions. Because He loves us, He made us free.

A free spirit's choices accumulate over time. You can't just pray once for GodFather's Divine Love. How many times per day do you choose worldly pleasures instead? Pray sincerely for a month, and you will feel a change.

The words don't matter. You needn't fast or take a vacation. GodFather is pure Soul, and he hears your soul.

Divine Love

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