Reasons to suspect international Coronavirus is overblown

Below I refute some points from the above video. Serpentza can generally be trusted to accurately report what he sees, though he doesn't know everything.

Discriminating against the Han would be racist, or at least ethnicist. Discriminating against the Chinese is no more racist than discriminating against the Wuhanese. China is a multi-ethnic empire. A failure to discriminate against Chinese by other countries would be as stupid as a failure to discriminate against Wuhanese by other Chinese.

The virus is obviously capable of spreading fast enough to overwhelm medical infrastructure, enhancing its deadliness. Anything that slows it down saves lives, and discrimination slows it down, by creating barriers to transmission. In fact, one evolutionary reason xenophobia exists is to retard disease transmission.

Lastly, virii absolutely do discriminate based on race, just as they do based on species. For example, sub-Saharans suffer from sickle-cell disease because it confers resistance against malaria. Genes are a fundamental aspect of biological reality, and they didn't get the memo that racism is bad, m'kay?

The implication here is actually anti-racist - until we've seen that the virus is devastating to non-Northeast Asian races, we shouldn't assume that it will have the same impact. I recall reading that SARS was better at infecting Northeast Asians, although I couldn't Google the link just now. If Aryans are indeed resistant, then they can offer aid at reduced risk.

This virus clearly evolved in the unsanitary cross-species exposure conditions of China, but it will not find the same germ-friendly conditions as it tries to spread in Northeast-Asian countries with modern economies. If it does need to evolve to adapt to other races, it will find more favorable conditions in Southeast Asia, India and South America. If the virus makes no headway in Russia, I doubt Europe needs to worry.

China is currently full of smokers with bad hygiene and minimal medical knowledge breathing polluted air and spitting on densely populated sidewalks. A respiratory plague there doesn't necessarily translate into a global pandemic.

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