Race before Religion? Natural Law before Bible Law? A GNON Dilemma

Does race come before religion? Does species come before religion?

It depends on the level and type of ambient foolishness.

If there were an alien invasion of Earth, and some Christian humans wanted to help the aliens win, then it wouldn't matter that they were fellow Christians. They should be executed for treason, with their whole families, at minimum.

Thus species comes before religion: Because the Bible despises blood betrayal and applauds blood loyalty. God wrote both natural law and the Bible, so when violations of natural law arise that are so extreme that the Bible never imagined them, then natural law takes precedence.

On the other hand, if there's some crazy religion that wants to kill everyone and break everything, such as Communism, then it doesn't matter if those Communists are co-racials or even family members, they must die for idolatry. In which case, religion trumps race.

But what if there's Communism AND immivasionism? Which is worse? Immivasionism is worse, because Bio-Leninism is the form of Communism most fatal to nations. China can recover from Mao, but Portugal cannot recover from importing and interbreeding with sub-Saharans.

Therefore, for Aryans in 2020, race trumps religion. Which is just another way of saying that the anti-Aryan white Churchians are Bio-Leninist Communists in urgent need of genocide.

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