Queen Rania is Yajweh's Tifi AKA Nefertiti | incarnator | space hippies, communism

Hey, wanna see an alien queen?


The incredible life of Queen Rania of Jordan - 'the most beautiful consort in the world'

She's been around for 3,600 years. Previously known as Nefertiti.

I haven't confirmed her identity yet; call it an educated guess.

She's incarnated as a human, obviously. Otherwise her interference in human affairs would be a blatant violation of Quarantine.

How much of her past or parallel lives does she remember? Probably not much, but she'll have her soul intuition, and external guidance, at minimum.

This is what high Galactic civilization looks like, talks like… at least when slumming:

Queen Rania speaks with Oprah on the Oprah Show Part 2

Yeah, the free energy and telepathy makes them sound a little Communist. That's caused a few issues down here in the mud.

Elon Musk is another incarnator with a similarly-idealistic philosophy.

Space Communism does work. That's why Jesus sounded like a hippie, the parts that made it through the censors.

IIRC Yajweh said the galaxy was half capitalist, half communist. Entire star nations can act harmoniously as one economic household, thanks to AI, subspace, telepathy and empathy, reincarnation, genetic engineering, etc.

Space hippies can be dangerously naive. But it's the Space Communists who have abandoned individuality that you really have to worry about. The grays have claimed the Americas.

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