Qanon commoner commenters lack graduate reading comprehension, misinterpret obvious Q proofs

Obviously a significant portion of Q's popularity is due to the fact that most of his followers cannot think precisely, any more than the audience of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount could distinguish legitimate scriptural precedents for the Messiah's first coming. At least they are entertained and edified by contemplation of the subject in general. Q receives undeserved contempt for the muddle-headedness of his mass following. The elites echo the Pharisees that he leads the people astray!

Re tuberman@75:

No, you're off base rather than wrong

No, I am either right or wrong, because I said someone else is wrong.

as post 26 was about SA purge, but was also about the future in the USA.

Irrelevant. 11-3 verifies as first marker. Saudi Arabia Purge was the first. Not Supreme Court dismissal of bundled Texas suit, which Giuliani mentioned they'd considered doing the way they're refiling it now, meaning it wasn't a predetermined event.

Rudy Giuliani speaks to Newsmax after Supreme Court denies Texas lawsuit “‘its not over”.
Clear enough. No emergency. Just modify the presentation to gain standing.

The Texas precedent deters blue states from suing to overturn a Trump triumph. I know little about jurisprudence, but it strikes me that letting states sue each other over matters of internal constitutionality could create endless problems, which can be avoided by instead having citizens with standing in the relevant states sue instead. Trump is a much more relevant party to the fraud lawsuit, or else a diluted voter such as Lin Wood. The Texas charge was flamboyant and forced media acknowledgment that Biden's victory is disputed at the highest levels, but its soundness is as questionable as charging machine guns.

For some context, here is post 22, made less then an hour earlier on the same day as post 26, or November 1, 2017:

Irrelevant. #26 already mentions military is the only way; obviously that will include the National Guard for domestic work, and require conditions to be met.

This was obviously about control by POTUS of troops in the USA, and acting in the USA. I believe the 'conditions' have all been met.

Of course #26 says military is the only way to save the USA. Military Intelligence was the only capable uncompromised organ of the federal government. Had the Supreme Court ruled in Trump's favor, or if it does so later, that will remain true. The Supreme Court cannot enforce its own rulings, no matter how many pushups Ginsberg did per day.

That is irrelevant to the point at hand: "11.3 " refers to the Saudi Arabia Purge, not the Texas dismissal.

The Supreme Court is not Trump's Twitter account, and looking for Q proofs in its communications is unwise. The Supremes think far too highly of themselves for such games.

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