Qanon and complexity make fools of NRx and Anonymous Conservative

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Worldview foundation survey, and the overflowing teacup
  3. Anonymous Conservative
  4. Qanon = Giuliani + Watnick
  5. Q's Boomer thesis
  6. Moldbug, a defective defector
  7. Jim: No fool like an old fool
    1. Significance
    2. Amusingly supplanted for high priest by Giuliani
    3. If Q applies Jim's IFF standard, means Jim's the enemy.
    4. Called me insane
  8. The wheel of history grinds on
  9. Cyborganize focus switch


I've been letting this post languish in my drafts due to lack of interest, so it's time to push it out the door. That's why some of the sections are abruptly short.

Worldview foundation survey, and the overflowing teacup

As an elder Millennial born evangelical cuckservatives, I have been alarmed since childhood by a sense of dire and deepening emergency in the sunset of the Weimar West. In response, I made it my first priority to blaze a light against the encroaching dark. In primary school, this took the form of apologetics and challenging public school indoctrination. In college my crusade continued, and I achieved minor infamy as the leader of the campus conservative newspaper. Rather too much infamy, as I raffled guns on campus, drew Muslim death threats against my family, got thrown out of classes, and was outed by the campus newspaper for justifying violence against abortion clinics on my personal blog.

I was a young man, headstrong, irresponsible – a fool, as is typical. However, even my rashness paused before the brink of race realism. La Griffe du Lion informed me that contrary to the received civnat blank-slatism I'd been arguing, negroes were in fact inferior violent subhumans. To state this openly would betray my remaining followers and destroy my organization. Further implications of race realism were likely to set me in direct opposition to my own cuckservative nuclear family.

Perhaps more importantly, if I'd missed such a fundamental aspect of the world, then what else was I wrong about? Before proceeding, I needed to lay a sound worldview foundation. That required a thorough survey of all that ran contrary to my skeptical preconceptions.

I'd thought that my worldview was safe after I checked Christianity's foundations. But the world was weirder than I thought. Race realism did not seem fair, and yet there it was, incontrovertible fact. I suspected a much darker and more alien reality than I'd been raised to perceive.

I retreated to the far East, unwilling to restart the Civil War on American soil without being sure of my cause. Under the pseudonym Koanic, I explored all the woo. This brand avoided moral culpability for leading others astray by its incredible eclecticism, which only other woo addicts would consume uncritically, if anyone.

The opportunity cost of this exploration was quite low. I was undergoing destructive personal exomind prototyping, and also fell quite ill. Realistically, it was the one of the more productive things I could've accomplished at the time.

Eventually I finished my survey and became satisfied that I had a solid worldview foundation. Certainly not perfect, but something that future generations could build upon, rather than needing to tear down. I understood enough of the times to know what needed to be done – no easy feat in postmodernity.

However, it still wasn't time to advocate my ideas. As it turns out, everyone's teacup is already overflowing! More tea is therefore useless, no matter how hot and tasty it may be. There are already plenty of teapots pouring tea that, if not perfect, is at least a major improvement over the average tepid cup of mud. What's needed is teacup reform. And before that, teapot reform.

I noticed a pattern among intellectuals, myself included: The teapot overflows. This overflow becomes a blog post. Over many posts, the intellectual's idees fixe are overapplied. His errors accumulate and are fused into identity. Thus postmodern info overload destroys intellectual integrity.

I had already developed Cyborganize to manage the extreme brainfog and interruptions of my illness. Now I found that a similar augmentation was necessary for everyone who wished to grapple seriously with societal ills.

Cyborganize easily manages my own 1/3 gigabyte plain-text Textmind. Pubmind smoothly transforms published rough draft blog posts into polished final books, providing timely but not misleading info to my audience. I segmented my content across two identities and by tiers of completeness. A Littlebook rough draft is a moment's vain fancy. A Cyberthal book is hard fact, with speculation clearly flagged.

Publishing first drafts preserves speed of communication, which is important for a distributed mind such as the WWW. Pubmind's tiers of completeness permit me to publish rough drafts without prematurely trying to evaluate the credibility or likelihood of ideas, which is a waste of time if not cognitively stifling. A fool judges a matter before hearing it. A Bayesian approach remains open to info collection on matters likely false, because some will be true. Cyborganize facilitates this by reducing the cost of info processing.

Thus I'm currently focused on moving Cyborganize from alpha release to beta.

Now, what happens if an intellectual doesn't survey the woo before laying his worldview foundation? How does the overapplication of idees fixe lead to disaster in practice? Let's observe some real-world examples.

Anonymous Conservative

I'll start with Anonymous Conservative, since his is the credibility the uninformed reader must first evaluate.

AC is sound on r/K theory and narcissts, but he tends to idees fixe. Overextension makes him a good popularizer at the cost of intellectual soundness. His latest book combines Qanon with a theory of a fictional vast secret TIPS-Stasi ground surveillance machine. He believes in this machine because, like other right-wing journalists, he was targeted for surveillance and harassment by the Deep State. His mistake is believing the machine is ubiquitous rather than specially targeted at worthwhile targets such as himself. Standard electronic surveillance tools such as Facebook suffice for normies.

AC is not paranoid without reason, however. His careful incident reports reveal he was targeted by an infrasonic harassment weapon, similar to the microwave weapon used by the Russians, but targeting body more than brain. It's remarkable how the Deep State deploys classified tech such as cloaking technology against the true threat to its power: law-abiding armed right-wing American dissidents. This follows the Gaius Marius pattern.

Despite its obsessive paranoia over gangstalking, I strongly recommend reading AC's Qanon book, which is available for free on Amazon Kindle. It has proved prophetic regarding the events of Stealection 2020, and is great introduction to what's happening:


Here are a couple of links regarding sonic weapons in general. Infrasound isn't practical for anything but dissident harassment:

Sonic weapon | Military Wiki | Fandom

China Develops Portable Sonic Weapon for Crowd Control

Here's a good critique of AC's conspiracies of impossible size. Reality is instead composed of loose auto-conspiracies:


The debate continues here and in the comments:


As you can see, AC is hit or miss. His understanding of how the world works is fundamentally broken. This is the rule among Alt-Right intellectuals, although AC verges on Alt-Lite.

Qanon = Giuliani + Watnick

I think Qanon is a composite of Rudy Giuliani and Ezra Cohen Watnick. I got both names from AC and then checked them a bit. Read Rudy's Wikipedia and Twitter. Right background, right public activity profile. Giuliani runs a podcast from his apartment, and he's preaching in public a similar message to the one in private. It's just that his public message lacks classified info, like his private message lacks complete sentences. Q's bizarre authorial affectations would certainly be necessary to prevent the recognition of someone as prominent as Giuliani.

Giuliani is an Italian Catholic Boomer and a former Democrat. His mother insists he's still a tender-hearted liberal. Qanon is an idealistic civnat patriot who posts Catholic prayers and refers to the corruption in the Catholic Church as by "those you're taught to trust the most". Recently Qanon literally said that DR3 – "Dems are the real racists."

Qanon has a skillset that includes lawyer, intelligence work and cyber-security. Giuliani is an attorney, cybersecurity adviser, and took down the NYC Mafia bosses in the 1980s.

He's been called America's mayor for cleaning up New York, and could've been president himself.

As Trump's lawyer, Giuliani is an insider with involvement in foreign policy. His communications with Trump are privileged, and he has reason to keep in close contact without arousing suspicion.

But when a reporter asked Giuliani if he was concerned that Trump could “throw him under a bus,” Giuliani replied cryptically. “I’m not, but I do have very, very good insurance, so if he does, all my hospital bills will be paid,” Giuliani quipped.

The idea of Trump betraying Giuliani seemed ridiculous to Giuliani, and in a moment of humor he may have betrayed an excessive confidence relative to purported role, which he and his lawyer then tried to walk back. Imagine Giuliani's eyebrows lifting as he considered how "throwing him under the bus" would go, then having a chuckle at that before quickly resuming his cover by emphasizing Trump's loyalty. Qanon has rejected many deals from high-level Cabalists; he would know what it takes to strike one.

I've never followed Giuliani, but in the last couple of days I read two articles and paid attention when his name came up. The first one featured an oddly high amount of contact between Giuliani and Trump around his hospitalization for COVID19. When I unsuccessfully searched for that article to link to it here, I found the above instead, which featued his cryptic comment. I'm sure those who actually follow Giuliani could find better hints.

Anonymous said Q is Giuliani in 2018 | was half joking, at least

"Rudy Giuliani is Q"

The graphic and his responses in-thread show that he's mocking both Qanon and Giuliani in hateful spite, but his choice of Giuliani was for a reason – the fit is there.

It's a a legitimate Anonymous account: 7m followers, hard left ideology.

Q's Boomer thesis

Here's my summary of Q's thesis: There is a combined bureaucratic New World Order (Bilderburger, CFR, Bohemian Grove) and dynastic Illuminati that substantially rule the USA and through it the globe.

Three trillionaire families, Rothschild, Soros and House of Saud, wielded a power over the USA and the world that peaked under Obama and is now being dismantled. This Cabal, headed by the Illuminati pyramid of the three families, included mostly Democrats, but also Republicans and major foreign elements. The Cabal's religion is pagan and Satanic, using transgressive rituals, child trafficking etc to bind its members in chains of mutual blackmail. The CIA, FBI and Congress were subverted. Money flowed untraceably through Saudi Arabia, and North Korea was their playground, like Epstein's Island but bigger.

This conspiracy is plausible enough, especially when one adds the abetting factor of the Progressive autoconspiracy, which approaches Left singularity. Those rising to the top of Progressivism, e.g. Hillary Clinton, found themselves inducted into the Cabal proper, even if their initial Arkansas handlers could barely be considered to have international ties. We have Hillary's emails fawning over the Rothschilds, and their angry tweets at Podesta when Hillary lost. Of course the Jewish diaspora provides a network for the Rothschild-Soros elite, as the Muslim does for the House of Saud.

Hillary was supposed to win and the transformation of the USA to continue. But patriotic military intelligence rebelled after 8 years of Renegade Obama, and was prepared to coup if Hillary cheated enough to win. Now Trump leads the global cleanup of the Cabal. With 70% of legislators compromised, and explosive secrets that would destroy international relations, full transparency would be too costly. The Cabal is dismantled in stages, starting overseas, where Trump has full control of military operations. Domestically the legal battle is fraught, and Q directs a massive buildup of legal leverage (sealed indictments) while keeping the Cabal unbalanced and focused on the short term.

Q is clueless about the long-term consequences of sub-Saharan Africanization on a population, which makes him intellectually irrelevant beyond the medium-term. Like Trump, he wants to make America 1960s New York again.

Moldbug, a defective defector

Moldbug preaches quietism, which is what Jesus endorsed under the reign of a good Roman emperor. Moldbug advocating submission to Hillary and Biden is a different matter entirely. It is acquiescing to evil, accepting defeat, permitting Left singularity. Moldbug is clueless. He ignores human nature and spiritual battle. He's right that the dissidents muddle along, divided by error. But muddle they must. VD's coalition is a good example; Trump's is a better.

Moldbug is Ashkenazi and a defector from the deep Inner Party. We appreciate his vector more than his position.

He has to go back to Israel.

Jim: No fool like an old fool


Jim writes at http://blog.jim.com

He is a major NRx figure, as seminal as Moldbug but Alt-Right rather than Alt-Lite.

Amusingly supplanted for high priest by Giuliani

Jim is old and has lost his fastball. His community has entered the "exploit" phase of reaping popularity and spreading established doctrines. It takes itself far too seriously, auditioning to be adopted by the regime as its priesthood, which will not happen, since Trump and Giuliani have no interest in them. Other priests are already chosen, Boomer compatible ones. Giuliani's refrains include the civnat WWG1WGA and proofs that Dems are the real racists.

Q's a Catholic guido civnat without a clue, but an untouchable spymaster with all the clues. Him vs Jim is a rivalry of prophets, and the results are one-sided. In the long run, Jim's theory wins, but in the short run, insider info dominates, to the point that NRx prognostication looks foolish and irrelevant. Q is the vastly superior info source, in that regard. Jim's dire warnings about the necessity of crossing the Rubicon and Trump's impending doom are embarassingly wrong; he forgot about Sulla.

Reading AC's book has unlocked understanding of events I never grasped by following the Alt-Right, who mostly just moan and groan about an apparent lack of progress.

The Vegas shooting looks necessary rather than mysterious, for example – a consequence of the Saudi Cabal funds seizure and the takedown of one of the three elite families. Also maybe an assassination attempt on the President. Maneuvering around North Korea take on a new light – it wasn't just angling for a peace prize, but about reforming a Cabal playground. Major figures such as Mueller, McCain and Hillary have hidden backstories. We see only shadows in the news.

If Q applies Jim's IFF standard, means Jim's the enemy.

Jim's been arguing that Q is the enemy because Q said to trust Sessions at some point. Q has trusted multiple administration figures who turned out to be sleepers or otherwise ultimately betrayed Trump. This is the same pattern Trump has exhibited; Trump even tried to work with Comey until betrayed. Partly this was a 4-year sting, and partly it's just how Trump operates. The price of brilliantly turning one's opponents is that some of them will betray that trust.

We won't know what all Sessions did until the sting concludes, but I'm sure it was a lot, since Q was happy with him for a while. Of course eventually Trump turned against sessions, who cucked as Republicucks will.

Jim's argument is that an extension of betrayed trust proves enmity. This would prove that Trump is an enemy, since he trusted Comey. It's nonsense.

Also, since Jim is telling us Q is an enemy, Q is very likely to conclude that Jim is an enemy, and who's to say he's wrong?

Jim's audience is unable to see the stupidity of this longstanding Q-disproof, making the place a waste of time. Keep waiting and hoping for that call from the White House, guys.

Called me insane

jim says:
2020-10-03 at 17:40

Putting you on moderation for insanity.


Russia is using microwaves to hit US spies, but say that the US is using infrasound on right-wing dissidents, and you get called crazy.

What can you expect from a guy who wants to mix the American race with East Asians to form a new race? Boomers gonna Boomer.

The wheel of history grinds on

Truth-lovers are divided by individual error; power-lovers united by the all-consuming state. I'm glad I count on nothing from others but the wheel of history grinding foolishly on. Because without interventions such as git, Urbit and cryptocurrency, that's exactly what we'd get.

Cyborganize focus switch

I plan to do some Qanon analysis in Cyborganize, since it's timely and topical. May as well demonstrate how not to get made a fool of by events.

However, I can't screencast that to YouTube due to censorship, so I'll go for AI Dungeon first.

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