Proof that COVID-19 is indeed the "China virus"

COVID-19 is a bio-engineered proto-vaccine escaped from Wuhan's BSL-4 virology lab

I initially discounted the possibility of COVID-19 being bioengineered because China is a zoonotic petri dish. I knew the tendency for conspiracy theories to derive plausibility from early fact patterns whose plausibility was enhanced by false inserts which would be refuted later as clarity developed. Lastly, I knew that mainstream biology underestimates the flexibility and non-linearity of evolution by hybridization.

However, the credibility of the bioengineering hypothesis only grew over time. The bioweapon lost plausibility early due to the uselessness of such a weapon, but this only strengthened the hypothesis, since the alternative, the vaccine hypothesis, was increasingly supported. I suspect that virologists are less susceptible to the linear evolution bias due to working at the genetic level with species that lack sexual reproduction. The presence of China's only BSL-4 lab next to the outbreak site solidified as a glaring coincidence.

It turns out that China was willing to undertake risky coronavirus vaccine research precisely because China is a zoonotic petri dish and thus hit by regular viral plagues. China therefore continued research banned in the USA, in part via espionage and theft. The CCP's accusation that the virus originates in the USA certainly has some basis, in this sense. It may be that there was an accidental release of a similar virus in the USA earlier in winter 2019. The idea that a desperate Cabal sent this virus via "plague blanket" to Wuhan for a plausibly deniable release can't be completely discounted. Perhaps they didn't expect it to be a serious threat to their own lives, knowing its intent as a vaccine.

But the simplest explanation is this:

  1. Dangerous "gain of function" research on coronaviruses occurred internationally, with one goal being vaccine development to combat plagues such as COVID-19.
  2. Viral escapes have occurred in the USA and China.
  3. Coronaviruses are hard to contain in the winter due to lack of UV light and irritated respiratory tracts. COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan BSL-4 lab in winter of 2019. That the USA also may have experienced a containment breach around this time isn't surprising. Alternatively, reports of a "vaping" respiratory illness in the USA could've been from the unrecognized early stage of the COVID-19 outbreak.
  4. The Chinese government's responses make sense in light of multiple levels of CYA, wishful thinking, and desperate damage control. E.g. the initially delayed response reflects doubt that a "vaccine" would be lethal. Long incubation, asymptomatic carriers and low lethality obfuscated the connection between breach and plague. Aggressive shutdown of independent researchers reflects CYA, state secrets, and hard-won awareness of the virus' tendency to escape containment.

I find it very unlikely that the USA was developing COVID-19, that a rogue Cabal element injected it into China, and then the USG including Trump continued to blame the release on China. The USG could not keep this secret, and it would destroy Trump. He knows this, and it doesn't fit his modus operandi. Therefore COVID-19 was developed in China, based on US research. Therefore the release was accidental, since it threatens the lives and legitimacy of senior CCP.

There you have it.

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